5 Healthy And Tasty Makhana Snacks You Must Try



Makhana (Fox Nuts) needs no introduction. Gluten-free and nutrient-rich, makhana is considered to be a go-to snack for all the fitness enthusiasts. Whether you eat it as is or roast with different flavours and ghee, makhana (or lotus seed) makes for a perfect low-fat snack option anytime of the day. It not only helps curb your hunger, but also keeps you full for a longer time. Considering this, we bring you some healthy makhana snacks options to stash your pantry. Take a look.

Here’s A List Of 5 Tasty And Healthy Makhana (Fox Nuts) Snacks Options For You:

1. Wonderland Foods Roasted Cheese And Chilli Foxnuts

If you are someone who prefers spicy snacks, this jar of makhana can be just the right choice. Made with roasted makhanas and coated with spicy chili and cheese mixture, this jar of snack strikes the right balance between health and taste.

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2. Sattviko Peri Peri Makhana Superpops

We have found a peri peri flavoured makhana pops option for you. This product by the brand Sattviko includes two jars of peri peri makhana pops. Pair these yummy delights with your evening cup of tea or coffee and relish.

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3. 4700 BC Himalayan Salt Caramel Makhana Jar

This pack of makhana snack can be a great alternative for popcorns. Here, makhanas are coated with a salted caramel mix and offer a burst of flavours to your palate.

4. Mr. Makhana Roasted Makhana

This combo set features 3 different flavoured makhana snacks – peri peri paradise, lime and chilli, and cream and onion. Sounds delicious, right? That’s not all. The makhanas here are also roasted in pure olive oil.

5. Organic Nature Foxnuts

Made with finest quality makhana, this pack by Organic Nature is deemed to be protein-rich and 100% organic. You can also have it during your vrat as the makhanas here include no added flavours.

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