7 Unique Tea Recipes That Are Perfect For Monsoon Mornings Or Evenings



Indians are known for their love for spices, sweets, and tea. The beverage makes for a great companion any time of the year, but tea and monsoon make for an amazing combination. Innumerable stories and secrets have been spilled over tea on rainy days. But just because you love tea, doesn’t mean you have to stick to only one recipe. While there is no beating the classic recipe that is passed through generations, there are so many unique dishes that are perfect for the tea connoisseur in you. To make your chai-time more special, we have curated a list of special recipes that are perfect for a lazy monsoon morning or a long monsoon evening.

1) Sujeonggwa

This is one Korean recipe that you don’t want to miss. This tea uses cinnamon, ginger, dried persimmon and pine nuts to make your taste buds happy. Check the recipe here. 


This tea is known to have benefits

2) Chai Milkshake

Want the best of both worlds? Prepare tea with milk, blend it with vanilla ice cream and pour honey over it. Top it with whipped cream before serving. For the recipe, click here. 

3) Masala Chai Ice Cream

Why stop at chai, when you can make chai ice cream? You will need milk, cream, eggs and masala tea powder or concentrate to make a delicious scoop of ice cream that tastes of tea. See the recipe here.

4) Cheese Tea

We are not asking you to dunk cheese slices into your chai. For this quirky recipe, you only need your favourite iced tea concoction for a base and top it off with a layer of salted cream cheese.

cheese tea food trend

Cheese Tea of different flavours

5) Coconut Chai

A cup of coconut chai is bound to remind people of some evenings spent in Goa. The recipe uses cinnamon, vanilla pod, ginger, cardamom and coconut milk to brew a smooth yet heady cup of tea.

6) Chai Latte

Not many were pleased with this recipe when it took the internet by storm. However, you can think of it as one step beyond tandoori chai. Add spices like star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, coconut milk and maple syrup to the tea and you have your chai latte ready. For the recipe, click here. 

7) Pink Noon Chai

Noon chai or Gulabi chai comes from Kashmir and what steals our hearts is the rosy pink hue of the drink. The tea tastes exotic with the flavours of pistachios, almonds and sea salt blended into one drink. However, the secret to the consistency and texture of the tea lies in a pinch of baking soda. For the full recipe click here. 


Gulabi chai comes from Kashmir

Can’t wait to step up your chai game? Treat your friends and family with these lovely chai-inspired recipes at home.


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