9 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Logo Sign


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When making a purchase, always be informed that signage is crucial as it represents you and your company to the world. In this article, we’ve gathered nine helpful tips to help you decide on what to consider in purchasing custom signage for your business.

Signage Design vs. Logo Design

Although your sign maker will almost certainly include a digital depiction of your sign, note that logo design firms are not the same as sign manufacturers. Before you start looking for a sign company, make sure you have your logo and brand established.

Price Range

In a word, a great logo sign will set you back anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Simple, flat, thinner material, printed, indoor, and smaller signage are examples of the low end. Your pricing will rise into the hundreds as you add extras like laser cutting, artistic grinds, LED lighting, custom paint jobs, layers, outdoor, enormous, etc.

Originally Made

Clients often forget that each sign is a one-of-a-kind original; it’s not as simple as picking a box off the shelf and slapping a shipping label on it! That unique sign with those specific parameters and your specific logo has never been created before. So be aware of how this may affect your price . And try to be patient as the sign firm handles any surprises that arise.

Significant Quality Variations

When a sign maker creates your sign, they make at least 23 distinct selections. So, don’t think that just because two digital renderings look the same in a picture, they are already equivalent in quality, durability, lifespan, etc.

Different Signs for Various Purposes

If you’re not sure what kind of sign you want, think about what it will be used for. Is it going outside to attract customers to your store? If this is the case, something bright and showy with beautiful grind patterns and LED lights may be in order. Is it going behind your front desk? Something with a lot of layers, texture, and a high-end finish will assist establish your brand’s quality and credibility. Is it a directional or a break room sign? A basic print on tough metal may suffice.

Not Every Rendering Has been Created Equal

Some sign firms will supply free digital renderings in advance, whilst others would not begin graphics work until a design deposit is paid. If they demand money, you might request an example of their digital renderings to get a sense of the sort of visual you can expect before the job begins. Some businesses spend the time and effort to design renderings that are far more comprehensive, realistic, and precise than others!

Permits issued locally

Typically, the sign maker is not engaged in the process of obtaining any essential building/construction permissions linked to your sign, so you have to conduct your research ahead of time and transmit any design needs and specifications to your sign maker before placing the order. Your landlord or local municipality should be able to determine whether permission is required, especially if the sign will be placed outside, includes LED lights, is exceptionally large/heavy, etc.

Installation of Signs

Most signage manufacturers do not install the sign. If they do, there would be an additional cost, which might be rather expensive depending on the size and mounting specifications. If you buy an illuminated sign, you must engage a local electrician to wire it and attach it to a power supply. In general, the business sign should include the hanging hardware (such as mounting brackets, rail brackets, standoffs, and so on), and the installation can be handled by your maintenance person, or a local general contractor.


The amount of maintenance required depends on the type (and quality) of the sign as well as the environment in which it is placed. A marquee sign will need light bulb replacements, an outdoor sign may need cleaning regularly, and inside signage with cuts and layers may benefit from the use of a feather duster now and again. Request UV-resistant colors and long-lasting clear-coat finishes, especially if the signage will be exposed directly to sunlight, humid weather, salty air, and other elements.

After reading these recommendations, you may have some homework, but the additional effort will pay off! You’ll know what to anticipate, what questions to ask, and when to make a choice. If you have any further concerns or need assistance at any stage along the way, feel free to contact your local sign manufacturer.


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