American model, YouTuber, influencer Jania Meshell


Jania Meshell is who?

Jania Meshell, a well-known public figure, is healthy. She is an American model, YouTuber, influencer, media personality. She is a popular model and is well-known for her relationship with NBA Playboy, despite her beautiful portraits. Jania is an entrepreneur, not a model. She owns You can find a wide range of cosmetic products on Jania’s website, including eyelashes and lip glosses.

Personal Life:

Jania was an only child growing up in Houston, Texas with her mother. Growing up, she enjoyed cheerleading.

In 2017, she began dating YoungBoy Never Broken Again. Although they broke up in 2018, it is not clear why. However, they had a turbulent past. YoungBoy was caught on security footage dragging Jania down the hallway of a hotel.

Jania was pregnant when they split up and gave birth on February 13, 2019 to Kacey, YoungBoy’s fifth child.

She refocused her attention on motherhood and social media after the split.

 After YoungBoy repeatedly denied the existence of the child, she was seen with Kacey. They co-parent Kacey at the moment and are on good terms.

Jania Meshell, Dejounte Murray Girlfriend or Wife?

Many people are confused about whether Janie Meshell is Dejounte’s girlfriend or wife. The truth is that they are no longer together. They also split after almost three years of being together.

Murray’s ex-girlfriend Jania, who was born 11 January 2000, is an entrepreneur, and Instagram model. She hails from Houston, Texas. She is currently rebranding an online fashion cosmetics store that goes under her name.

Jania Meshell added a Q&A video on her YouTube channel:

Jania Meshell uploaded a new Q&A video on her YouTube Channel. She answered many of the questions that people wanted to know the answers to. One of the questions she answered made her emotional, as she shared an honest answer.

During the video, she was asked “What would your younger self tell you?”

She replied to the question by saying, “I would tell you to keep pushing.

 As in, I would let her know that someone or something is going to love me

. It doesn’t mean you have to continue looking for love. 

You don’t have the obligation to do what you think would make others like you more. 

Be yourself and true to your values. Do what makes you happy. You don’t need to follow the crowd.

You don’t need to follow the example of another person. Just focus on your own goals.

Cosmetic surgery:

Jania believes in body positivity and changing any part of your body that you are uncomfortable with. Because her breasts were too small, she decided to have cosmetic surgery. Although the process was successful, after a while, she started to experience problems.

One of her breasts was removed and a blood clot formed in her bloodstream. The surgeons also threw the procedure out, which caused her pain and impaired her mobility. She instructed DJ Smallz Eyes.

“I had a blood clot. They were usually like, “You understand… It may trigger additional issues if I don’t mount it.” It was so bad that they had the whole implant positioned the wrong way up. I could feel it in my armpit, and it couldn’t be raised. It was still intact when I returned to mount it.


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