Author Ruskin Bond Enjoys Fresh Jalebis On A Rainy Day In Mussoorie



Whether it’s a hot summer day or a humid rainy one, weather and food cravings truly go hand-in-hand. The summer season has us wishing to eat all things chilled and refreshing like ice creams and popsicles. The moment we hear the rain pattering on our windows, we instantly crave piping hot Pakoras and a fresh cup of tea. Celebrated author Ruskin Bond too took to Facebook to share with his followers some of his food cravings on a rainy day in Mussoorie. He enjoyed freshly made Jalebis at home in the cold, rainy weather. Take a look at the post he shared:

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“With my loved one on a rainy day in Mussoorie and fresh jalebi from Beena’s kitchen,” wrote Ruskin bond on Facebook. The jalebis were made by Ruskin Bond’s granddaughter-in-law Beena. He can be seen relishing the Jalebis with wide-open eyes and a smile on his face. The homemade Jalebis were also paired with what seemed to be some frothy hot milk.

What a great way to enjoy the rainy weather in Mussoorie! The post received over 26k likes and 2.4k shares on Facebook. Fans and followers of Ruskin Bond were thrilled to see him happy and healthy. “We love to see you happy and enjoying yourself,” said one follower while another wrote, “We too had a rainy day in Bihar today but that jalebi was missing.” “May you live long and gift our children with many more beautiful stories close to nature,” wished one follower in the comments section.

What did you think of the yummy post? Tell us in the comments below. If you want to make Jalebi at home, click here for some recipes.

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