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Have you ever wondered about the best mattress for your sleeping position? Or which mattress is suitable for different sleeping positions? Well, if you’ve never been injured then learn about it here.

People use many mattresses from different companies. They buy mattresses according to their budget and their interest. People take any mattress for them. Very few people sleep according to their sleep. People should choose them according to their sleeping position. As such, provide your sleep more rest and reduce some negative effects on your body. Also, you should choose the best company mattress according to your sleeping position.

There are 7 different sleeping positions, it is divided into 3 different categories which are the back, sides, and stomach. If you take on your back then it is good for your health, but if you take on your side or stomach then it will be injurious to your health. So, use a better mattress for it.

As is another sleeping position called a combination sleeper. You will get to know more details about it.

Side Sleep

Most people enjoy sleeping in this position with their legs and arms flexed and turned towards the body. This is the most common form of sleeping position but it can cause long-term back pain. In the log position, people sleep with their arms and legs straight in the side position. In Log position, the legs of the people were slightly curved in the arms outstretched back and forth. Side sleep can restrict deep breathing and put pressure on the neck and back. Along with this, it also puts pressure on the stomach, lungs, and liver.

The side position requires our body to sink to the mattress, it should be soft and have a thick comfort layer. The comfort layer should be 3 inches for a side sleeper comfort layer. It should be breathable and not hard. The ideal combination for side sleepers can be Nectar, Laila, and Satva Classic Mattress. You can use a Latex mattress for more durability.

Back Sleep

This is the best and proper way to sleep in the back position. Doctors also say that this position is good for the body only by sleeping for a long time. People who are above 30 years of age should sleep in this position. This position is most commonly recommended for pregnant women. Anyone who sleeps in this position feels very comfortable. It is best for the alignment of our head, back, and neck as there is no pressure in these positions. If you use a pillow in this position, then it is beneficial for the nerves of your neck and head. Best for those who suffer from reflux and snoring.

The lumbar region is the only major difference when you sleep on your back. The comfort layer of your mattress needs to be no more than 2 inches, but should have a minimum of 1 inch. Most people feel comfortable with a layer 1.5-2 inches thick. A top layer with a thin layer is a good choice. WinkBeds, Satva Classic, and Casper Original Hybia are best for back sleep. The mattress must be breathable because about half of the body’s surface area touches the mattress. Always try to choose the mattress that has the highest durability for back sleep (normally of 10 years).

Stomach Sleep

In this position, people lie face down on the mattress. This sleeping position is very bad for our health. There are several disadvantages to this sleeping position. 15% of the population in India sleeps in this position. However, if you sleep in this position, you should choose the right mattress that will help you sleep comfortably and minimize the negative effects.

You should choose a high bounce mattress. It should have a soft comfort layer. If you sleep on your stomach on a soft-layer mattress, you can increase the lumbar area. You can choose mattresses from DreamCloud, Turf & Needle, Loom & Leaf (Savannah), and Avocado that are best for this sleeping position. Also, they give high durability to their product.

Combination Sleeper

Whenever you sleep in multiple positions at night, there is a combination sleeper. Let’s say you sleep in the side position and when you wake up your position changes back to back. Most people sleep like this. As far as mattresses are concerned, combination sleepers are also the hardest to please.

Whenever you choose a mattress for this position try to consider your deep sleep position. If you sleep on your back and stomach, your back will be your deepest sleeping position. About 1 inch of mattress is needed for a back sleeper and about 3 inches of soft layer for a side sleeper. So, try to choose the mattress among these layers.

The middle layer should be of good quality, allowing it to sink more when you need to reduce the pressure. The high-quality foam is best for combination sleepers. Since they were soft near the top, they were very expensive. You can use Casper, Winkbed, Sapira mattresses. They have the best quality mattress for combination sleepers. They are great for taking power naps. To ask what is a power nap, it is a small duration of sleep for a max of 30 minutes that helps you regain energy and charge up for the entire day. If you know what a power nap is, then this type of mattress is the best for it.

Final Thought

Each person’s sleeping position matters in making a mattress purchase decision. Be clear about your sleeping position whenever you decide to buy a mattress. Each sleeping position requires a different type of mattress.

Before purchasing a mattress you should for choosing the better mattress you can go on google or I have the best product name as per the sleeping position. You do not need to buy a high-quality mattress, you will get it on a normal budget as per your needs.

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