Bhee Ji Tikki Recipe: This Sindhi Snack Is Just What You Need To Spruce Up Your Chai Time



Sindhis are known for their delicious delicacies (remember the world-famous sindhi kadhi?). Their dishes are made with simple ingredients, yet they manage to give you a lip-smacking experience. From the crispy dal pakwan to the world-famous aloo tuk to the drool-worthy Sindhi Biryani, everything they have to offer is just delicious. So, when you want to indulge in something with fewer ingredients, less effort but want it to be an explosion of flavours, the Sindhi cuisine is a sure shot winner. In the long list of mouth-watering sindhi dishes, what caught our eyes is a unique Lotus stem (Bhee/kamalkakdi) and aloo tikki that just might be our next favourite snack ever, it is called – Bhee ji tikki.


Lotus stems are a delicious snack on their own too

These crispy bhee aloo tikkis are made with just two main ingredients and a handful of other common masalas found in our home. Bhee or Lotus stem is a great source for Vitamin C and other nutrients helping with your immunity, blood pressure levels and red blood cells. Lotus steams have a mildly sweet taste and are the perfect addition to spruce up your regular aloo tikkis. Let’s learn how to make bhee ji tikkis at home:

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How to Make Bhee ji Tikki | Bhee ji Tikki Recipe:

Like most dishes this bhee ji tikki also has variations, some prefer to stuff the lotus stem with aloo but today we are giving you a much simpler and easier way of making these tikkis, by boiling and mashing everything together.

First, Boil the lotus stem and Aloo separately until both are soft and mushy. Take this out mash it together and keep it aside.

In another bowl prepare the batter to dip the tikkis in, add besan, salt, haldi, jeera or dhaniya powder (Optional), some water and prepare a semi liquidy batter. It should be thick enough to coat but not too thick.

Now add your chopped onions, chillies, coriander, some cumin seeds and salt into the aloo bhee mash and mix everything together. Make tiny flat balls out of this and dip in the batter. Fry these until golden brown on both sides, take off the heat and serve warm with a side of delicious sindhi green chutney or ketchup.

For the detailed recipe of bhee ji tikki, click here.

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Let us know how you like these delicious bhee ji tikkis and comment below how you enjoyed this snack with your friends and family.


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