Can A Blazeview App Improve Education?


The instructor also has access to the student reports of their course activities using BlazeVIEW approved by VSU. The system is sometimes called WebCT BlackBoard or VISTA. Each VSU student must have an account username and password for an account called a BlazeVIEW account to be able to access online courses. online course. PHP to access Your BlazeVIEW account. VSU General Education Outcomes The VSU General Education Outcomes…

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BlazeVIEW  – Valdosta State

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BlazeVIEW Classes that are supported Choice of Web-Enhanced Classes, where Traditional Face-to-Face Training is Combined with on-line features such as Lecture Recordings and Syllabi to Classes that are completely online and with no requirements for on-campus attendance.


Brightspace Pulse is a no-cost mobile application for VSU faculty and students to explore the

D2L learning management system, which VSU is calling “BlazeVIEW.”.

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 Faculty and students  can  download the Brightspace Pulse app onto their smartphones and tablets .

Here are a few of its characteristics:

It is easy to view course materials including readings, assignments and readings. announcements, grades and the class calendar.

Students can participate in discussions forums, post assignments (including photos and videos) and take tests

Connect with your students using an email tool that allows you to connect individuals with instructors

Real-time alerts notify you that updated course content and grade sheets are made accessible

If app does not work properly to access BlazeVIEW on a PC, VSU then

faculty and students can access all of BlazeVIEW by using an Internet web browser on their mobile devices.

VSU will be notified of BlazeVIEW updates

The summer is here and VSU students can expect to be presented with a brand new appearance and feel for BlazeVIEW VSU’s online learning management system ,The E-Learning department at VSU ,The University System of Georgia have determined that it is VSU’s turn to get the revamp.

On July 7, this new update will be in effect. GoView D2L Brightspace and GoView Brightspace D2L will transition to Daylight the latest design and aesthetic upgrade on the VSU’s online educational system.

Brightspace D2L has been the main software producer for the USG online education systems for the public institutions of Georgia.

Philip Bishop, senior online instructional designer at VSU Philip Bishop, senior online instructional designer at VSU, describes the forthcoming version to be “user friendly.” Like any other version, the intention isn’t to confuse users. Bishop has confirmed BlazeVIEW will be tweaked in a minor way.

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