HealthChole Chicken: A Punjabi Fusion Chicken Curry You Should...

Chole Chicken: A Punjabi Fusion Chicken Curry You Should Definitely Try



Are you also a true Punjabi cuisine fan who lights up at the slightest mention of Chole bhature or Tandoori Chicken? Do you have to snap yourself out of your Amritsari Kulcha daydreams? Well, you are not the only one, Punjabi food makes everyone drool the same. With its thick creamy gravies, smoky tandoor items, and rich decadent desserts, it makes for one hell of a platter. Punjabi food has come to be loved by almost everyone, whether you are in India or abroad, whether you follow vegetarianism or are a hard-core nonvegetarian, you will always find yourself reaching out for the butter chicken or dal makhani in the menu.


Chole bhature is a widely loved Punjabi dish

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What if we told you that a dish could be considered the peak of this cuisine, and nothing could get more Punjabi than this? Combining 2 of the most sought-after Punjabi dishes, chole and chicken curry, here is the fusion – A chole chicken curry.

Chole chicken is no fancy dish; it is exactly what the name suggests – Chole and Chicken cooked together. If you are not sure about it, let us assure you that this is one of the most wanted dishes in those packed Punjabi Dhabas. The spices used for making chole and Chicken complement each other extremely well and when put together make this juicy and scrumptious chicken curry that you are surely going to appreciate. Do you want to try this dhaba favourite chole chicken? Worry not; we’ve got you the recipe right here.

How to make Chole Chicken/ Chole Chicken Recipe:

First, boil chole with whole spices and salt until soft. In another pan heat ghee and fry chicken for around 5 mins. Remove chicken and in the same ghee, add sliced onions, ginger garlic paste and let it cook. Add tomato puree, all your dried masalas, and let this cook for 5 mins.

To this add fried chicken, boiled chole, cover, and cook for 20 mins or until soft. In the end add garam masala, garnish with fresh coriander and serve. For the detailed recipe, click here.

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Enjoy this chole chicken with naan, paratha, or bread of your choice. What do you think about this delicious recipe; let us know in the comments below.


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