Does Zupoo Digestive supplement Realy Work?


What’s zuPOO?

zuPOO is a brand from UMZU which is marketed as a digestive supplement and colon cleanser. It helps improve digestion and get rid of 5-20lbs of waste products from the body. ZuPOO’s ingredient composition helps cleanse your digestive system through getting rid of waste and hormone blockers.

Furthermore, it helps alleviate symptoms like gas and bloating as well as help improve digestion. If you suffer from an issue with weight it can help curb your appetite and can help you lose a few pounds during the process.

Does it really work?

It is true that it is. The main ingredient in this zuPOO Supplement includes Cascara sagrada. It is a tree that is derived in the dried barks of the tree referred to by the name of California Buckthorn. Cascara assists in triggering muscular contractions which stimulate the intestinal reflexes. This allows you to eliminate stool efficiently.

Recent research has revealed that Cascara has been a well-known medication used by Indians to cleanse. Its safety has still to be verified however.

ZuPOO also contains the compound called Bentonite clay which assists in flushing out toxins and ease digestive problems. A significant portion of ingredients aids in getting rid of excess waste in the gut, which keeps you healthy and fit.


  • Cascara   Sagrada    Bark   Extract (Rhamnus purshiana)
  • Senna   Leaf     Powder     (Cassia    Angustifolia)
  •  Fennel     Seed    Powder     (Foeniculum    vulgare)
  •  Burdock     Root     Powder (  Arctium    lappa )
  •   Bentonite Clay
  •       Buckthorn   Bark    Powder (Frangulus    alnus)
  •  Cape Aloe Leaf Extract (Aloe    ferox)
  •  the Slippery Elm bark Powder (Ulmus    fullva)
  •  Milk Thistle Seed Powder (Silybum    marianum)
  •  Cayenne Red Pepper Fruit powder (Capsicum    annuum)


It assists in weight loss.

It has been proven to increase the production of enzymes, which helps in digestion of hard food items.

It’s made of natural ingredients.

Increases the strength of your immune system.

There is some evidence to suggest that the ingredient can provide the support of gut health.

It aids in the elimination of toxins.

DisAdvantages :

This product may cause allergic reactions.

There are some people who may experience adverse effects as a result of the product.

After the use of it, toilet trips have become more common.

When compared to traditional laxatives, the price of this product is higher.

The product isn’t available for purchase in stores, but only on the internet.

Weight Loss

Bentonite clay can be a weight-loss component that is present within the products. It helps balance in the colon and eliminates toxins aiding the body in processing nutrients more efficiently and assist in to lose weight..

The method of isolating active substances from plants is widely thought of for its resemblance in some ways to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which utilizes a holistic approach treat a variety of organs and tissues. There isn’t any evidence to suggest that this supplement, specifically is able to assist.

Side Effects Safety, Side Effects, and Dosage

The dose for ZuPoo comprises two capsules. The directions suggest that you take each dose prior to going to bed for 15 days.

The directions state that most patients will feel gastric in the first 12-24 hours following the first dose. This is followed by an extensive bowel movement within the first 12 hours to 48 hours.

Since stimulant-based laxatives can cause diarrhea, I would not recommend taking this medication regularly.

Apart from being annoying and disruptive In addition, frequent toilet trips can cause stomach cramps, nausea, weakening, and dizziness.

The long-term effects of using them are linked to dependence and misuse. Intoxicant laxatives that are used in excess can result in dehydration as well as electrolyte imbalance.

Cascara Sagrada’s long-term use is linked to liver damage. It was used in numerous prescription laxatives before 2002 in which they were banned by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared that the ingredient was not widely accepted as safe or effective.

While senna is generally regarded to be safe, it’s suggested for use for only short-term durations. In the long run, high doses are linked to abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and liver damage.

This product should not be taken by anyone who has a serious digestive issue, like diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s Disease.

It should be avoided by nursing and pregnant women, as many of the herbs are not thoroughly examined to determine their safety.

This product shouldn’t be utilized by those with an history of disordered eating or yo-yo dieting as it is a harmful and ineffective way to lose weight.

There aren’t any certifications from third-party testing laboratories on the product, which can be used to confirm the authenticity of ingredients.

Clinical review:

A thorough medical review has shown that the normal frequency of bowel movement is anywhere between three times per week and three times per day. This is a broad range and quite different from the unsubstantiated claims in the blog post by Umzu.

The article further states that “all the poop is sitting there, rotting in their intestines and colon” which is a false assertion that shows an insufficient knowledge of the human body’s biology. It does not “just sit” in the intestines , and it does not “rot” -it moves across the intestinal tract prior to being eliminated.

Umzu asserts that “As this toxic waste piles over time, the body turns into an unintentional vessel for toxic feces”. They appear to be saying that regular bowel functions pose the risk of life-threatening danger. This is a lie and doesn’t make sense. Fecal toxicity is a remarkably rare condition that can result from an infection or colon disease that is severe. It’s not something you have to suffer from because you didn’t take supplements from an online heretic who has no comprehension of the basic human anatomy.

The health claims that are not cited by Umzu could be enough of a warning to steer clear of the company completely however we’ll move on to the review of the ingredients to those who are curious.


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