Exercise Study Discovers StreetStrider Provides Effective Cardio Workout


StreetStrider refers to a mobile elliptical coach. StreetStrider is a T-shaped frame that holds two front wheels and one rear wheel with a drive assembly. An upright frame houses two reciprocating arm levers. The drive assembly includes two elongated foot platforms attached to cranks on either side. It also includes a hub and a rotating axle as well as an internal hub gear that transmits the axle rotation to its hub. Depending on the model, StreetStrider’s drive assembly can be either chained- or chainless. Each arm lever’s lower end is connected to each foot platform. This, through connections in the rear to the rotating crank arms and in front to the pivoting lever arm lever, allows for a general elliptical movement. It also has a steering mechanism, brakes, and multiple gearing. David W. Kraus, , who created the device and filed the patent.


This StreetStrider bundle includes the Indoor Trainer Stand that allows you to convert your StreetStrider into an indoor elliptical in just seconds. White Glove Service is included in your StreetStrider order. Your StreetStrider will arrive fully assembled and folded down.



Get the benefits of running, skiing, and biking, without the stress on your body. You can build muscle, burn 1,000 calories per hour, and increase your cardiovascular condition.


-The 3i is the ideal way to have a full-body workout outdoors or indoors. The 3i has 3 gears and is great for short to medium strides on smooth roads or gentle hills. It also features lean-to steer for turning around corners.


– A sturdy 3-wheel platform and a high tensile steel frame support riders up to 300 lbs. The dual front and rear disc brakes offer exceptional stopping power.


– The adjustable arm levers and extended foot platforms provide a comfortable riding experience. Easy transportability is possible with the foldable design.

How It Works

StreetStrider is an upright elliptical machine that works the upper and lower bodies. The StreetStrider is similar to a bicycle in that it moves forward by exertion – in this instance, the pedaling motion with the feet and pushing and pulling on the handlebars with your hands. As with riding a bicycle, the speed of the StreetStrider is determined by how hard the user pedals.

Reviews and Cost

These units can be purchased new starting at $1000 and going up to $3000 depending on the model and features. StreetStrider offers monthly payment options, starting at $50 per month and ending at $80 per month. StreetStrider reviews are generally positive as are Amazon independent reviews. PavementRunner, an online running website, gave the equipment high marks for its ability to provide a full-body workout. However, the reviewer did list a few minor cons based on his personal experience with the product.

It may take some time for users to become comfortable with StreetStrider.

This unit attracts attention so users need to be available for public interaction.

It is not easy to transport the unit because it is heavy and large.


American Council on Exercise Study Discovers StreetStrider(tm), Elliptical Crosstrain Provides Effective Cardio Workout

SAN DIEGO (PRNewswire/ – The American Council on exercise (ACE), America’s foremost authority on fitness, announced today the results of an independent published study on StreetStrider. This is an elliptical trainer on wheels that can be used outdoors. The product offers a more intense and efficient cardiovascular workout than a stationary elliptical.

The StreetStrider was commissioned by ACE to test whether it could help participants lose more calories and increase their heart rate than an indoor elliptical trainer. John Porcari, Ph.D. and Jordan Becker M.S. led the study at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Exercise and Health Program.

“As America’s Workout Watchdog we felt the need for us to test the StreetStrider’s claims because its popularity has rapidly grown among exercise enthusiasts over the past years,” Cedric Bryant, Chief Science Officer at American Council on Exercise, said. “Our findings demonstrate that the StreetStrider provides more effective cardiovascular training than traditional elliptical machines, so consumers can be confident that it delivers when used correctly.”


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