FBA Shipping – Fulfilment by Amazon Shipping Services

FBA Shipping - Fulfilment by Amazon
FBA Shipping - Fulfilment by Amazon

Sell on Amazon and provide FBA (Fulfillment via Amazon)? If so we can assist you by offering Our FBA Shipping service. Large volumes of LTL and Truckload transports for delivery to Amazon fulfillment facilities require special planning. Additional rules have to be adhered to. The process also is that the carrier must schedule an appointment for delivery in advance.

Delivery appointments can be scheduled through Amazon’s Carrier Appointment Request Portal. You can pick any standard shipping service to transport your items to Amazon’s Amazon fulfilment centers. There must have rules and regulations that your provider must comply with. LEGAL DISCLAIMER The legal disclaimer is that we don’t have any contract with Amazon nor do we have any commercial relationships with Amazon. They don’t decide the carrier we will use for delivery to FBA Fulfillment Centers. However, we have the experience to ensure that we follow all rules set forth by Amazon.

Our agents handle the appointment that is required by Amazon The shipment is delivered the majority of the next day, resulting in your being able to sell your products on Amazon significantly faster The delivery costs are drastically reduced Online tracking through the tracking system for carriers Reach out to Rapid Express Freight for special assistance with the shipping of the subsequent “FBA” (Fulfillment through Amazon) shipping to Amazon.

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