Guess The States From Photos Of Their Local Food Dishes; Twitter Reacts



India is a culturally rich country. When it comes to food, no matter where you’re from, there is always that one delicacy that defines your state. Each state has at least that one local dish, whose authenticity cannot be found in any other part of the country. Puran poli from Maharashtra, Bengali mishti doi and dhokla in Gujarat — these can be some of the significant examples. Indian Forest Service officer Praveen Angusamy started a trend on Twitter, asking his followers to reveal which state they belong to by posting the photoes of their respective cuisines. He started by uploading a picture of a bowl filled with poha.

For the uninitiated, poha is a local and very popular dish of Maharashtra. It is made with flattened rice and spices. Besides Maharashtra, you will also get different versions of this lip-smacking breakfast option in different states. Click here for five different variations of this delicious Maharashtrian food.

His followers joined the trend by posting photos of delectable food items. A food-lover commented with a snap that displayed the spread of Gujarat-special fafda-jalebi. A resident of Bihar replied with a picture of a sumptuous-looking litti-chokha. One can easily identify this tasty thali from Tamil Nadu which included dosa, chutneys, vada and filter coffee. Then there was a photo of yummy rasgullas from West Bengal.

Though understanding food in India can be a complex process, there’s at least one experience that has left us salivating for more. What has been that one meal or food-related experience that has taught you a lot about the subcontinent’s culture?


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