Had Access Story Dimitri Snowden,Looking for a sister wife?

dimitri snowden

Dimitri as well as Ashley Snowden have been on the lookout for a sister for quite some time and their search has been documented well in the controversial series Looking for a sister wife. Although fans might be unsure about this particular Snowden family, it isn’t stopped them from their search for the ideal match for their family and build the life they’ve dream of for themselves. In the third season of the series, viewers watched the couple meet South African mother-of-two Christeline Peterson. Their happily ever-after was not to last since Christeline and Dimitri are now divorced.

The viewers who watch the series have had access the story of Dimitri and Ashley’s story for the last several seasons of the show, Seeking Sister Wife.. In the first season they met a potential match in Vanessa Cobbs. she got married after just a few months. The two Ashely and Dimitri thought they would find the final piece of their puzzle, however, they were wrong. Vanessa left the family and relocating back to her home. The same happened to Taylor who fans were introduced to during season three. Taylor did leave the Snowden’s home to return to her home. Christeline On contrary, stayed around and demonstrated to that the Snowden’s she was devoted to the relationship.

When Dimitri was before a judge in the month of March, both the restraining orders . The case were dismissed, TMZ said at the time.dimitri snowden

dimitri snowden

Peterson’s appearance in the 3rd season of the show, Seeking Sister Wife The South African native pursued a relationship with Dimitri who began the relationship via a remote. Petersen is a mother of two children from a previous marriage was approached by the Snowdens and invited to join their wedding.

The Seeking Sister Wife was first aired on TLC in the year 2018. The reality show is about three families that are in various levels of their polygamous relationship and include the introduction of an incoming sister to the family.

“After some deep soul searching, I have decided to part ways with the Snowdens,” Vanessa wrote in a post on Instagram. “I cherish Ashley, Dimitri and the children to pieces and will keep doing so for the rest of my life. However, my love for them and dedication to them trumped my commitment and love to them. It was more important to focus on my devotion and love for myself. I wasn’t being honest with myself up until recently, was not listening to my inner direction, which advised me to realize that I did not have a place in their lives in the sense that they would like me to. 

dimitri snowden

(vanessa) i have come to realize the fact that simply because you are in love with someone (or the family) isn’t necessarily mean you supposed to be with them. Sometimes their traditional relationship isn’t in alignment with your personal development and direction.”

Did Dimitri’s former wife have to get out and do some soul-searching? Or did Dimitri felt a call to the plural marriage style but she didn’t feel she fit in? We won’t know until the actor speaks out via social media or TLC decides to bring back the couple to film in the near future. Dimitri must answer questions regarding his secret first marriage.

Ashley Snowden references ‘drama’ in social media post

The Snowdens have been still on social media over the last few months as news emerged about their relationship Christeline had come to an end.

 In an extended post on May 6, Instagram posting, Ashley expressed her opinion on her “swirling drama surrounding me,” saying that she was aware her fans “want answers.”

But she also stated that she was not going to go into the specifics of what transpired.

“[I]t is a real job not to reflect the intensity that’s directed my way. When I am honest with myself, but, I will not take a position, or get pushed to any position, especially when the people who are talking don’t do the job honestly. Everyone has a story to tell however telling it in a professional manner is vital.”

“Justice has already been served,” Ashley went on to add. Ashley said that she’ll one day “have the opportunity to speak my truth on these things, so there’s no rush.”dimitri snowden


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