Hariyali Tacos Recipe: A Desi Spin To Your Favourite Mexican Tacos



We have always heard people say that we should add more greens to our diet. All this ‘eat your greens’ talk makes us think if green vegetables are actually that healthy? Turns out they are! Green leafy vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre and are also low in calories. Leafy vegetables help promote digestion, manage weight loss, as well as keep a check on our heart and blood pressure. But the main question is how can we include these healthy vegetables into our everyday diet without being bored of the same dishes? While you are trying to include greens into your diet, why not make it even more exciting by making something that no one can say no to.


Green vegetables have a long list of benefits

Tacos are quite the talk of the town right now, everyone loves them and it comes in varieties of non-vegetarian, vegetarian and even vegan. This Mexican dish feels close to home because it resembles one of our major staple foods – kathi roll. And if you know how to make kathi rolls or roti rolls, making tacos is almost the same thing. So let’s give Tacos a healthy Indian twist and make some Hariyali tacos with a healthy filling of green leafy vegetables, sprouts, avocadoes. It is easy to make and is a perfect on-the-go snack. So, without further ado, let’s see the recipe of Hariyali Tacos!

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How to make Hairyali Tacos | Hairyali Tacos recipe:

As the name suggests, Hariyali Tacos have lots of greens (minced palak, coriander and pudina) in the dough for the colour. For the filling, avocado salsa is the best option but if you can’t find it, a simple sprouts salad topped with mint chutney will work absolutely fine. Put all the greens together in a grinder and make a paste, to this add some salt and garlic powder. Take a cup of all-purpose flour, add some cornmeal to it and knead the dough. Roll out tiny rotis and cook as you would cook your rotis and then keep them aside. Now for the filling, if you have an avocado then mash it and add the sprouts, chana salad that you have prepared, squeeze some lemon on top and enjoy your Hariyali tacos! For a more desi twist, use your salad for the filling, add some mint chutney instead of salsa, and the final squeeze of lemon.

Click here for the full recipe of Hariyali Tacos.

The sprouts chana salad, lemon and coriander in these tacos give it a refreshing taste. This snack is a sure winner for everyone trying to eat healthy nowadays. Let us know how your Hariyali tacos turn out in the comments below.


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