How long does Agathys Armor 5E last?

Agathys Armor 5E


The Armor of Agathys has a powerful magical shield that surrounds you. It also appears like the spectral frost, which protects you and your equipment. It actually grants you 5 hit points temporarily for the specific time. If the creature strikes you with the melee attack, while you’re gaining the hit points the creature suffers five cold damage. This is the reasons why this could be extremely beneficial if you’re playing an caster who is a gift or warlock who is in a restricted area.Agathys armor 5E

Mechanical Engineering
  • Level: 1
  • The Time to Cast: 1 Action
  • Area/Range: Self
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Time: 1 Hour
  • school: Abjuration
  • Attack/Save: None
  • Damage/Effect Cold

The duration of casting is one Action The duration is self, the time is one hour. The result at a glance can be seen as follows

You’ve gained 5 hit points for a temporary duration and can inflict 5 cold injury whenever you deal melee damage. In essence, as long as you’ve got these hit points you’ll be dealing 5 cold damages each when someone comes at you, which is quite cool.


The moment the the armor of Agathys had been cast, the spell formed the appearance of a thick, black ice on the body of its caster increasing their power for several minutes while injuring opponents who were too close by its frigid force. The duration of the ice was dependent on the endurance that the warlock. The Armor of Agathys was heavily influenced by the strength of a warlock and could only be cast one time every day.

Following the Sundering warlocks can cast it at any time in accordance with their abilities

What does Armor of Agathys work with Tomb of Levistus in 5e Dungeons and Dragons? There are certain exclusions. But, temporary hit points from different sources don’t stack. You have to decide which you want to keep. Since the invocation gives temporary HP to serve a particular purpose and also imposes penalties I’d say the temp HP replace those spells HP. Spell responds to damage and will lower temp HP and cause damage.

The player responds (using Reaction) by using invocation. The Warlock typically is equipped with HP equivalent to the amount of invocation to soak up any remaining damage. Additionally, Warlock’s damage will increase until next turn. The Warlock is not able to enjoy the advantage that comes with Armor of Agathys in encasement, even when the spell is in effect. (And all the temp HP were wiped out of in the grave.) If the character is in their next round, their spell will regain its benefit and protection, as well as any remaining temp HP of the spell.

What is Armor of Agathys 5e do?

To fully comprehend the advantages that come from Armor of Agathys spell, it is best to break it into advantages. The first is the temporary hit point benefits from the spell, followed by the ability to damage of the spell. Be aware that the spell was designed to be used by warlocks with a lot of melee. Ranged attack-based characters are likely to benefit from the slot.

In the beginning, AoA provides temporary damage points. The spellcaster gets 5 HP for every level that is used. Because warlocks cast at the most advanced level, it’s easy to understand what the advantages of this spell are. Higher levels mean that warlocks should be able to be able to stand up to a few assaults and with the hit points increasing, meaning greater damage can be expected from the spell.

The second is that so long as the player has a portion of the hit points that are temporary they will continue to take the injury caused by Armor of Agathys. The use of Armor of Agathys in 3 third level grants the caster 15 hit points that are temporary. If an enemy strikes the caster, causing 3 damages, the opponent suffers 15 damage. If this is the case the enemy would hit five times before all temporary hit points have been eliminated. The enemy will take five times 15 in damage to take 75 total damage.


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