How To Activated Myindigocard and Benefits?


How to activate Your Myindigo Card If You are a new cardholder Go to for activation of your Indigo Card.

New Indigo MasterCard holders who received an activation email can now activate their cards via Indigo MasterCard. Indigo MasterCard site. This can found at In order to get your card activated on their site you first need to register as a member registered on the website. Register for an account and then login with your Indigo login details. This is where you’ll fill in your login details to enable you to activate your card through the site.

Myindigo Credit Card Account Sign Up – Indigo Online Access

It is necessary to sign up to create an account online. This will give you access to your account, and you’ll be capable of activating the credit card. So, you’ll have to follow these steps:


Click on”Register,” then click on “Register” button.

You must enter your credit card number.

Input your birth date.

Enter your social security number.

Click on the “Next” button and follow the remaining on-screen instructions to finish the registration process for your account.

MyIdigo Login at

Indigo Credit card activation will require you sign in to your account prior to being able to activate your credit card. To do so;


Log in using the secure login interface on the top right of the page. You can also click on”login.

Input your username.

Enter your account password.

Click the button to log in.

After you have already logged in, it’s time to sign up for you Indigo MasterCard using the credit card number that you have received via email with an application offer. . .

Features and benefits of myindigocard

  • This card is particularly beneficial for those who don’t have a strong credit score and would like to improve their score on credit.
  • It’s an unsecure credit card therefore there is no requirement to pay any cash.
  • Your credit score will be disclosed to three credit bureaus that are major.
  • Take advantage of your ID theft Protection(tm) service provided via the Mastercard.
  • This card provides Zero Liability Protection against unauthorised transactions.
  • At first, the customer will be given an initial credit limit of $300.
  • Customers have the option to pick from various attractive styled cards.
  • You’ll get the chip-based card that adds an additional layer of protection to your Mastercard.


  • This card doesn’t provide any rewards points or points, and cardholders won’t be able to save any money when using this card. It is a good option if you don’t have access to high-reward credit cards, and you want to improve your score on credit.
  • The credit limit of $300 is extremely low.
  • Balance transfer is not currently available.
  • You’ll have to pay upto the amount of $40 for overlimit charges, but majority of card issuers do not currently charge.

Fees and charges:

  • APR = Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for cash advances will be 24.9 percent, and the APR for Cash Advances will be 29.9 percent.
  • The minimum interest rate is $1, if applicable.
  • There will be a zero to $99 annual charge for this card.
  • If you’re conducting a overseas transaction, then you be required be paying 1% charge in U.S. Dollars.
  • There will be a charge for cash advances. The amount you pay will be either $5 or 5 percent of the amount you are paying for (whichever is more) each time you complete an advance. The maximum advance fee is $100.
  • There is upto 40 percent of the panel in the case of late payment fees overlimit fee, Late Payment Fee, and the Returned Fee.

How do I reset MyIndigoCard password to login?

Sometimes, we forget important passwords. If you’ve lost the MyIndigo Card username and password Do not worry, simply follow these steps to reset your MyIndigoCard login password.

  • Visit MyIndigoCard’s official site at
  • On the MyIndigoCard login page, select”Login” or “Login” option.
  • “Forgot your username and password”.then click on it.
  • Once you click, you’ll be directed onto page Reset MyIndigoCard Login Password page.
  • In this field, enter the Indigo card’s account number, user’s ID and the last four numbers of the account, the date of birth, as well as your SSN.
  • After you’ve filled in all the required information, after submitting all the information, click “Enter”.
  • Then the email will be sent at your registered email address, within that email you will see the password reset link. Click that link and type in the new password.


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