How to Use Marijuana During a Day Trip

How to Use Marijuana During a Day Trip

Weed is well on its way toward being as socially acceptable as cigarettes (that is, legal, tolerated, but not exactly welcomed around non-smokers), but it’s still a work in progress. Cannabis users still must be careful when using their method of preference outside of the privacy of their home, like on day trips.

The arguments for marijuana use are long and varied, and even accurate and verified! However, until the laws change, you must abide by them or chance the consequences of getting caught.

So, before you head out on your next road trip, keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to safely and legally enjoy your marijuana stash.

1. Don’t Cross the Borders

Rule number one: Never, ever take weed across a state line. It doesn’t matter if the other state is cannabis-friendly. Crossing state and country borders, whether in a plane, train, or automobile (or another vehicle), is prohibited.

There are a few reasons for this all-important rule. Federal laws place marijuana as a Schedule I drug, meaning it has no medicinal use and a high potential for abuse. We know better, but the federal government is a bit slower in getting the wheels turned all the way.

In the meantime, state governments form their own laws. Some states have decriminalized weed, and others have made it legal in one form or another. But on interstates, the federal authorities have jurisdiction.

On top of this, the rest of the legalities get confusing. A state may turn a blind eye to marijuana, but the county authorities that pull you over strongly enforce it. It’s not a wise risk to take.

Instead, if you know you’re heading to a state that allows medicinal marijuana, stop at a dispensary on the other side of the border and use it before you go back home. You’ll have proof that you bought the weed legally if necessary.

Most importantly, always carry your medical cannabis card with you if you have weed in your possession.

2. Use Sativa Strains

We’ll start this section by reminding you that driving while using marijuana is never legal. It doesn’t matter if you have a medical marijuana license or recreational weed is legal; you can end up with an under-the-influence charge.

When you get to your destination and are parking your car for a while, pull out your Cannabis sativa strain. Cannabis indica is necessary for pain relief or to help you relax.

You’re heading out on a day full of adventure and exploration, so you want to be energized! Sativa strain or a hybrid of 70/30 Sativa/Indica will invigorate you.

3. Avoid Smoking

You’re probably out of your comfort zone, and you don’t want to draw attention to your marijuana habit. There are plenty of methods that give you the same results without the smell and smoke that tells everyone you’re using weed.

Leave the bongs and pipes at home and go for topicals, edibles, or sublinguals instead. It’s only for a day. If you’re caught in the wrong place with weed and accessories, your charges and fines may increase.

Marijuana possession is a separate charge from marijuana accessory paraphernalia. Federally and in some states, it’s a Class 3 misdemeanor.

4. Only Use Weed in a Safe Place

No matter how many times you’ve used weed in the past, each experience is always different. Marijuana is a mood magnifier, and your mood is always changing.

Weed should only be used when you’re in a safe space and around people who care about you. You may be fine, but that doesn’t mean your friends won’t have a bad trip. Paranoid reactions are common, as are angry outbursts and overly sensual responses.

You’re in a new place, or many unknown places, while you’re day-tripping. Save the experimenting for the comfort and security of your home.


Marijuana is a drug that must be balanced in all aspects, including how you use it when you’re traveling. Be cautious about where you go when you’re possessing weed, legal or not. Be mindful about where you light up or ingest your stash and who you’re around when you do.

With these tips in mind and responsible cannabis use, you can enjoy an occasional legal high on your day trip.


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