Immunity-Boosting Nimbu Pudina Sherbet Recipe For Your Family



We all have been dunking down cups of warm kadha every day to level up our immune system. The Coronavirus pandemic made us realise the importance of a strong immune system and we are doing everything we can to build it up. Spice-infused kadha is a great drink for this purpose but this scorching weather makes us want to drink something cool. So, here we have a refreshing, cool, immunity-boosting drink recipe, which is perfect for summer. Nimbu pudina sherbet is something that everyone in your family will like, even the kids who might have been turning down those hot cups of kadha.

Nimbu Pudina Sherbet Recipe – Why You Should Drink It:

Both nimbu (lemon) and pudina (mint) are excellent sources of antioxidants that help keep infection-causing bacteria and viruses away.

Both the ingredients are also extremely hydrating, which is very much required in the balmy season of summer.

Of course, nimbu and pudina are known to boost the immune system, which we all are concerned about right now in the light of the pandemic.

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Both lemon and mint are good for immune system. 

How To Make Nimbu Pudina Sherbet:

Here we have a recipe to make syrup for nimbu pudina sherbet. Add cold water to it to make a delicious, hydrating, immunity-boosting drink for your entire family. To make 2 glasses of the sherbet, take about one cup of mint leaves, juice of one lemon, 2-3 tbsp honey, half tsp roasted cumin powder, and grind everything together in a mixer-grinder. If required, add some water to make the syrup.

You can also use sugar instead of honey but let us remind you that honey is another noted food known to boost immunity. It also tastes great, especially in drinks, so why not use it instead of harmful refined sugar.

Once your syrup is ready, fill about half a glass with it and top it up with cold water. Enjoy a breezy evening amid the hot summer with this immunity booster and reap its health benefits too.


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