Is the afton family real in real life ?


Afton family :

Five Nights At Freddy’sis a well-loved horror-survival series that has a myriad of spinoffs and sequels. The series has a huge collection of Five Nights at Freddy’s characters, each with their own secrets that are still unknown to the public. Additionally, the tragic nature that is the Five Nights At Freddy’s and Five

Nights at Freddy’s characters aren’t clearly defined, and fans have pondered a myriad

of theories regarding them, including the recently known Afton Family. Let’s review and discuss the most plausible fan theories so far regarding The Curse of Afton Family.

Welcoming, Freddy Fans (and a special greeting to parents looking to discover is it that their children are screaming about). This overview of the story of Five Nights at Freddy’s games Five Nights at Freddy’s games will attempt to make the sweeping tale as easily digestible as it can be.

When I first released this guide for Scott Cawthon’s highly acclaimed horror-

adventure game in the year 2015, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 had just been made public. In the time since, we’ve seen the fourth, fifth as well as a sixth and seventh game (including DLC) and 3 novels, and a guide to strategy which doubles as a lore

premiere as well as an RPG. Also that some of the details I discussed earlier have been further developed. Some have been altered. Others have left completely.

Here, I utilize all the available information to summarise the Five Nights At Freddy story as plainly and clearly as is possible. I address the kids that were killed, the people the killers, and the motives behind the murder.

Comment on afton family:

The Afton family means is they’re not really WILLAM Afton. Killer 6 children charlie

along with Gabriel and Charlotte reckless and Willam is controlled by Glitch Trap that killed lots of children and Elizabeth Afton murdered by Circus baby and Clara Afton

died in a car crash and Chris Afton was killed by Fredbear and Michael Was snatched and William dead after being rescued from the Spring lock

It has already happened. The reason I say Michael Afton is Dave in the novel, people

are annoyed and insist it’s William is the murderer in both canons even though Scott

did not say that Williams is the culprit and we do not have evidence to support William being the culprit.

For those who argue that I utilized the novel to resolve the game however, I did not. Dave’s dialogue isn’t evidence to prove that he is William. Dave never refers to himself as William or William at ALL throughout the book. Additionally, his behavior is completely different from the way psychopaths typically behave. Dave constantly claims that the two of them Freddy as well as Co. are part of a larger family and when asked the question of Carlton on the reason he kills children and the reason animatronics do not confront him, he replies “Because that I’m one. ” People also believed that Henry was the one who killed Henry in the same story. What do you think you can expect from Clay will get it right? No. Henry as well as William are

being framed since they owned Freddy Fazbear’s house at the time.



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