Lebanon Chef Breaks Records By Whipping Largest Serving Of Hummus



What’s so special about hummus that makes it a popular choice among all? If you ask us, we just love how perfectly it strikes a balance between health and taste. It is creamy, comforting and thanks to the chickpeas, hummus can load you up with an adequate amount of protein too. This is why the popularity of hummus today breaks the barrier and goes beyond the Mediterranean food culture. Besides pairing it with pita bread, we just love having it as a spread on toasted bread and filling in a roti roll. And to mark the fame, International Hummus Day is celebrated globally on May 13th, every year.

On Thursday, Guinness World Records (GWR) took to its official Twitter handle to share a story featuring a Lebanon-based chef, who broke the records, by whipping more than 10000 kilograms of hummus at one go. Yes, you read it right!

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Chef Ramzi Choueiri, from Beirut in Lebanon, made the largest serving of hummus and it weighed exact 10452 kilograms. According to the official website of GWR, he was helped by students from Al-Kafaat University in Beirut. This record was achieved last year on May 8, 2020 (just before last year’s International Hummus Day).

“The hummus was made by around 300 student chefs under the direction of Chef Ramzi, and served on the new largest ceramic plate, which measured 7.17 m in diameter and was created by local architect,” a statement on the GWR website read.

If you are anything like us, then so much talking about hummus has surely made you crave for some. We bring you some of our favourite hummus variations that give the classic recipe a unique and palatable twist. We suggest, give it a try. Click here to know more.

Do let us know which variation you liked the most!

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