Maggi In A Milkshake: This Bizarre Dish Left Internet In Shock; See Pics



We Indians hold Maggi very dear to our hearts! Maggi has been an important part of almost everybody’s childhood. Slurping into spicy and hot Maggi brings a smile to people’s faces. This 2-minute noodle has evolved into so many unique and interesting dishes that we know and love today. From Maggi Manchurian to Punjabi tadka Maggi, culinary experiments have yielded wonderful results. However, not every experiment goes well with people. A Reddit user shares a Maggi dish that may make your head spin. Guess what that dish is called? Maggi Milkshake. Take a look at the post here:

This looks unbelievable, right? Maggi has officially been turned into a milkshake. Now, who would have thought a savoury dish like Maggi could be turned into a beverage? Many people on the internet hadn’t. The post captioned “Maggi Milkshake. Everyday we stray further from God’s Light” was shared by @u/mrfloyd on Reddit. It has garner 1.2 k upvotes and over 200 comments. The picture shows two glass mugs that are filled with a white liquid that looks like milk, and a generous serving of Maggi layered in the glass mugs, brimming to the top. The Maggi is filled with green peas and small pieces of carrots. That’s not all, this bizarre drink has managed to garner several reactions on Twitter as well.

Have a look yourself:

Clearly, many people are not receptive to the idea of the beloved Maggi turning into a milkshake. This ‘blasphemy’ is not everybody’s cup of tea, but its existence proves that some people might enjoy this dish. What do you feel about it? Would you be able to finish this glass of Maggi milkshake? Do let us know your reactions to this drink in the comments section!

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