Man Tries To Slice Through Table Napkin Mistaking It For A Dessert, Hilarious Video Goes Viral



We all must have experienced that awkward moment at least once where we popped something inedible into our mouth absent-mindedly. Something similar happened with a man at a restaurant who mistook a table napkin for a dessert. This hilarious video has gone viral on the internet. Reddit users found this clip where the foodie tries to cut a table napkin that was folded in the shape of a rose and placed neatly on a plate. When he realised his mistake, he played it cool and behaved as if nothing had happened. Reddit users could totally relate to this funny event and shared their own experiences too. Watch the clip here.

One of the users who was about to gulp a puzzle piece instead of a chip wrote, “I learned a month ago, don’t eat chips while working on a puzzle. Thankfully, no one was filming when I tried to snack on a piece.” A Doritos lover shared an embarrassing moment saying, “I forgot to take off my mask and went bottoms up on a bag of Doritos last year. Don’t know if anyone caught it, but no news is good news, I guess.”


A man tried to slice through a napkin. 

Another user described this entire incident in just one sentence — “He went from delighted to extremely confused to humiliated all in the span of 4 seconds.” Someone even empathised with the foodie, saying, “It’s ok, man. Quarantine has made us all a bit weird.”

The Internet is a pretty interesting place for food-lovers. Apart from witnessing such funny videos, we also get to know little secrets related to the food industry. A while ago, Reddit users who were also former employees of McDonald’s fast-food giant, revealed their experiences of working there. They revealed the insides of the high-pressure working style of the company and also how they manage the food preparations.

Such online discussions make us momentarily forget the gloom that surrounds us so thickly. Coming back to the foodie’s awkward restaurant moment, what’s your take on it?


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