Melissa Barrera’s Relationship with Paco Zazueta, Musician


Melissa Barrera was Usnavi’s love interest in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights movie. She is happily married to Paco Xavier Zazueta offscreen. They met their first time when they were competing in La Academia,

a Mexican reality show for music talent.She once said that Reality TV was like a pit. 

Paco and I would each take turns telling the other that we had what it took to keep it together.

” Eight years later, Melissa was married to Paco and they have been together ever since

. The couple have shared many wonderful moments together, from romantic getaways to nights on the red carpet to working out together. Continue reading to learn more.

Melissa Barrera’s Relationship with Paco Zazueta, Musician.

Melissa Barrera and Paco Zzueta have been married over two years. It’s a sweet love story. Pop Sugar reports that Barrera, who became famous as Lyn, a free-spirited character on the TV series “Vida”

 and then landed the role of Vanessa on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s film “In the Heights,” based on the Broadway show.

Actually married to her husband on the set of a Mexican reality television show many years ago.

Melissa Barrera Martinez was conceived in Monterrey on July 4, 1990. Melissa Barrera is her name. 


Her acting career began with the telenovelas Siempre tuya Acapulco (2013/2015) and Tanto amor (2015). She also appeared in Club de Cuervos, a Netflix series.

 She was also recognized for her role in Starz’s drama series Vida (2018).

 According to the outlet, Barrera and Zazueta met while filming “La Academia,” a musical talent show in 2011.

In a June 2019 interview with Variety Barrera, she reflected back on her experience

on reality TV and admitted that Zazueta was what kept her from entering the competition. Reality TV is like a snake hole.

Reality TV is like a snake pit. Barrera stated that reality TV is the best way to

determine if you are ready for it.

Barrera admitted that she had thought about leaving “La Academia” early, but she

said that Zazueta encouraged her to stay on the show and pursue her musical goals just as she did for him.

 Barrera explained to Variety that they would tell each other, “We would take it in

turns telling each others we had what it took to stick it out.” “I didn’t want ever to sing again after that show.”

 They convinced me that I wasn’t good enough to do it. They used a strange technique.

All began with the unscripted television drama “La Academia”, a melodic TV drama. Barrera and Zazueta were two of the contenders for the 2011 section.

They continued to play for for several more months . She didn’t win but she won the hearts of many, including Paco Zzueta. They began dating in September 2011,. In June 2017

They reported their engagement via Instagram. Paco Zazueta is single and has no children. He also owns Zazueta meats.



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