MoonX Cosmetics:  Cult Favorite Skincare Brand for Acne Scarring and More


MoonX Cosmetics:  Cult Favorite Skincare Brand for Acne Scarring and More

Consumers have seen a shift in the last few weeks towards being more mindful about where their money is going. I love investing in small businesses that produce high quality goods. It’s why I am thrilled to see my Instagram feed filled up with new recommendations.

The vegan MoonXCosmetics brand was what I came across and I knew I had found the right brand for me. MoonXCosmetics Instagram is filled with dozens of before-and after photos. As someone who has suffered from severe acne scarring, I was ready to give up my beloved Creme de La Mer.

Rose Galore, their best-selling product (a combination of avocado oil and argan oil as well as vitamin e oil, sweet olive oil, olive oil and organic rosehip oil), has made scarring disappear in a matter of weeks. Contrary to this, it can take several months for scars to be lightened by harsh and costly chemical peels.

There are many elixirs that can be used for any skin type, including oily skin or hyperpigmentation. It’s easy to see why the brand is gaining a growing cult following. MoonX was not the only site I visited. Everything had sold out before I arrived. Mariee Revere (the brand’s founder and CEO aged 20) recently revealed that all her stock had been sold in under a minute.

I have tried many high-end skincare products, but none of them were as exclusive in terms of purchasing. MoonXCosmetics’s uniqueness is that every batch is hand-crafted with love and care. It is well worth the wait.

Are you interested in giving it a shot? You should mark your calendars (I have mine already) because the next full stock drop is July 24th at midnight. importantly, you’ll have to act fast if you want to snag one of these coveted miracles-in-a-bottle!

Insta model and influencer Mariee Revere sent a few tweets to MoonXCosmetics founder, Mariee Revere

Whew! Ari Fletcher , one of Ari’s roommates, jumped in her blast bag Monday night. Mariee Revere is the MoonXCosmetics founder. Ari apparently reacted to two tweets that were indirectly directed at her, deleting and posting them.

MoonXCosmetics, a vegan beauty business specializing skincare products, is something you may be familiar with. Black Enterprise reported that Mariee earned $1 million in just eight minutes using her products last year. Ari is well-known for having endorsed products from the company in the past.

Here’s what happened. Ari wrote a tweet about her skin becoming clogged with oil products.

Ari wrote, “My pores were so clogged up that my dermatologist said it was from oiling my skin every single day.” “I didn’t know this all the time.”

Mariee allegedly took Ari’s tweet and quoted it as “LMAOO. bro. This gotta be a joke.” She then followed up with a separate tweet saying “one fact about me imma sue youa”. Both tweets were quickly deleted but people on Twitter picked them up and started sharing screenshots.

Although it is unclear when or how Ari saw the tweets that were now deleted, they triggered a torrent of responses from the influencer.


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