Netflix Gaming: A Legitimate Option for Gamers?


Netflix Inc is now choosing to make its first big move, going beyond films and movies to expand into video games. They have also hired a former employee from Facebook Inc and Electronic Arts Inc to try and lead their effort. Mike Verdu is now joining Netflix and he is going to act as their vice president when it comes to gaming development. He is going to report to the Chief operating officer, and he is also going to help to bring games and various other content to the Oculus reality headset. The idea here is to try and help people to be more familiar with the situation.

What is Driving Netflix’s Decision?

Netflix have been doing their bit to seek ways to keep on growing their company. This is the case, especially with the US market. They are trying to expand on kids’ gaming and they are also trying to open up an online shop as well. This will help them to sell a range of merchandise and it will also help them to bring way more movies to the big screen. The company has said that they are still way ahead of streaming rivals but they are getting a bit of a slowdown in terms of new subscribers. So what is driving this movement? Some think that it is due to the rise in online gaming. More and more people seemingly want to play slots and table games online and they want to do it from the comfort of their own home.

The same concept applied to the cinema movement. People do not want to go out to watch movies, they want to stay in and watch them instead. Netflix business model is such that if they can capitalise on this movement, then they can expand their company still further. The games are going to appear alongside the current fare and this is going to be similar to what Netflix did when it comes to stand-ups as well as documentaries. The company does not intend to charge extra for the service but the person who said this did not wish to be identified.

Pushing Forward

Pushing into games would be one of the boldest moves that Netflix have done to date. When you look at Verdu, you will see that the company executive has worked on games such as The Sims and even Plants VS Zombies. He believes that this is a very good move for the company and that they are going to be focusing as much as possible on making this movement even bigger in the coming months. The company has started to try and advertise for any game-development positions on their website as well and this is very interesting to say the least. They feel as though this is a significant movement and that it could well come with full brand awareness ramifications. This is especially the case when you look at the video game landscape in general. An analyst known as Jason Bazinet has stated that Netflix expanding does come with obvious risks for those who work in game development because if they did become a major contender then this would change the tech landscape as we know it.

Of course, only time will tell what the future holds for the world of tech but at the end of the day it looks like very positive movements are being made. Netflix may well become a leader in gaming, alongside streaming and this would help them to strengthen their grip on the sector while also making the company somewhat unstoppable. Exciting times are ahead for the company if they make their vision a reality.


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