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Bigfafa.com Online Slots Casino Review


All hail the mighty online slots casino! The thing that allows me to come home after a day at work and unwind without the hassle of driving downtown and dealing with (sigh) more real-life people. Blackjack, poker, slots, you name it, I’ve played it. I’ve also come to the realization that physical casinos are unnecessary because I’ve played them all online as well. Who needs miles on their car and overpriced booze when you can have the same experience with a mobile device or an Ethernet cable? Once you’ve won big from the comfort of your own home, physical casinos seem obsolete.

So why am I rambling about casinos? Simple: Canada is going to be the first country to host the online iGaming site BigFaFa.com. The launch of the new BigFaFa platform means we’ll be the first to experience what it has to offer as early adopters. The best part of having a new play in town? The lack of a large user-base means that initially there’s an extra incentive to make customers happy. Feeling lucky yet? I sure was.

So, let’s get into it: What did I like about BigFaFa, what needs improvement, and what can we expect moving forward?

User Interface on BigFaFa

Despite being a new platform, I found navigating the site to be quite intuitive. The animations and interactives that play when hovering your mouse over elements on the page and clicking were a nice touch. There was a definite sense of feedback that made the mundane task of searching the site more enjoyable Online Slots Casino.

BigFaFa’s Suite of Online Slots Casino

While UI is great and all, anyone can front-load a site and try to peddle you trash wrapped in a flashy package. The games are what truly matter. That’s why despite my initial skepticism, or maybe because of it, I was slightly overwhelmed by the number of games on offer. Slots, roulette, blackjack, other table games, baccarat – each had their own dedicated section on the site, and moreover, there were tons of variations and themes for each. While variations and partnerships are standard for iGaming Online Slots Casino sites that have been around for years, it’s a heck of a first impression for a newcomer, especially when the partnerships include established names such as Betsoft, Evoplay, Quickspin, and Asia Gaming Online Slots Casino.

I prefer the tables myself, so I decided to play a game of blackjack to start. After settling on a traditional theme of the game to get me acquainted with the site I was greeted by smooth jazz. It sure beats listening to the incoherent babbling of the drunk trying to hit on the dealer at the other table as I play. I threw down 25 dollars and drew a pair of 10. Stand. Dealer drew 19. Easy money, told you I felt lucky.

Next, I tried the slots. 7 Fortune Frenzy was one of the first games listed and it was one I had yet to try despite having heard of it. I went through it and subsequently through a few of the other games such as Wild Drops, Jungle Stripes, and Book of Darkness. There were so many to go through that I didn’t get to each of them. One thing to highlight though, the payouts were quite high for each of the machines I did play. Whether it was a low or high bet (of which there is a wide range of options) the winnings I received relative to the bet I made were noticeably higher than the ratio on other platforms.Online Slots Casino From what I can tell, BigFaFa is looking to come out of the gate strong against the competition, putting emphasis on high rewards and incentivizing players to come back over and over.

BigFaFa’s Deposit and Withdrawal Process

I wanted to put the site to the test when it came to cashing out. Every site since the death of Netscape accepts credit and debit. That’s par for the course. Included in those options are the typical choices such as PayPal, bank wire, check, Dash, P2P, etc. What interested me about BigFaFa was that it advertises the ability to deposit and withdraw with crypto. Options range from Bitcoin to Litecoin, all the way to ‘altcoins’ such as Ethereum. I deposited 500 dollars’ worth of fiat via credit card and 500 dollars’ worth of Bitcoin. Both options were instant, and I immediately found myself able to play in the casino. When it came time to withdraw the funds that I had been awarded I decided that I would have 25% of the funds deposited to the account associated with my card and the other 75% directly to my crypto wallet. I received the fiat about 2 days later, which is above-average speed when compared to other iGaming platforms I’ve used. Surprisingly, my crypto was deposited into my wallet after only six hours. Keep in mind that most online casinos that I’ve played on take an average of 3 days regardless of method to successfully withdraw your funds. Six hours is a quick turnaround for an exchange, let alone an iGaming platform. Seeing as it is only just starting, I imagine the speed will increase exponentially for every method as time goes on and BigFaFa sees more traffic Online Slots Casino.

Final Thoughts on BigFaFa

BigFaFa.com is new to the scene and Canada gets the first crack at it. First impressions are favorable, and I am excited to see how the site evolves as it further establishes itself. The only ‘complaint’ I think could be directed toward the platform is the sheer amount of content on the site, and I couldn’t spin that into a negative if I tried. Customer support was also friendly and expedient; this was my first time using cryptocurrency on a gaming platform, and the team at BigFaFa made it a breeze to connect my wallet and play.Online Slots Casino Any questions I had were answered in a matter of minutes by support, and I spent more time playing and winning money than I did waiting to cash out my earnings, unlike on other sites. Competitors looking on must feel the way rock bands did when Van Halen I released. And if they haven’t taken notice of BigFaFa yet, they’ll have no choice when they’re faced with the iGaming equivalent of Eruption.


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