Please Use Tongues To Pick Pastries: Reddit Post Has Internet In Splits



Most of us have come across a spelling mistake or a typo, which is so funny that it gives an entirely new meaning to a sentence. A similar thing happened to a bakery, which intended to ask its customers to use “tongs” to pick pastries spread out on its front counter but inadvertently asked them to use their “tongues”. A Reddit post showed a photograph of the message and a storm of funny comments has been brewing on the online discussion forum since then.

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A number of Reddit users have come up with their own interpretation of the well-intentioned but wrongly crafted message. “I think it’s supposed to be ‘please use tongues to lick pastries thx’ no idea what they were licking them with before but I for one am quite concerned,” said a person with the username, arctic_bull.

Another user, who goes by the name ekolis, said, “I want that pastry over there. The one with the red sprinkles’. There you go. I picked a pastry with my tongue.” Then there was a user, Bob, who said he normally uses his stomach. Keeping the coronavirus safety guidelines in mind, a Redditor, dna_beggar, quipped, “I can’t. I’m wearing a mask.” 

When it comes to creating signs and advertisements, it is very important to run a last-minute spellcheck to steer clear of embarrassments later. Yet, people often fail to do so, which results in their businesses becoming Internet sensations for avoidable reasons. Making a spelling mistake is perfectly reasonable and it is what makes us human. But some spelling mistakes are so cringeworthy that it gets difficult to resist the temptation to have a little fun. Often people post photographs of billboards, posters and company websites having spelling errors.

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