5 Pool Revamp Ideas

Pool Revamp Ideas

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what it means. The swimming pools are catching your attention. While waiting for the heat waves to touch down your areas. Why not use the remaining time before the summer for you to revamp the backyards pools.

You want to consider some ideas when redoing and redecorating the swimming pools.

  1. Underwater Led Lights
  2. Pool Resurface
  3. Customize Pool Deck
  4. Fire Pits
  5. Waterfalls

So now you got a hint of what you could add to your swimming place. Check out if you need some repairs around the pool floors and the pool decks. Calling a professional pool contractor such s the Pool Plastering Las Vegas company would help identify the fixes before you design a relaxing and enjoyable pool spot.

You can apply the ideas mentioned above to your swimming pools. You could have a commercial or residential pool. Taking some inspiration from today’s list would save you time from planning. Dive in!

Latest and Hottest Swimming Pool Make Over Ideas

Make sure that the pool deckings and pool camping are free from cracks and damage, the potential of making accidents. Once you have polished surfaces and create a seamless pool deck, you can let creative ideas flow and start decorating the spaces with the hottest design trends. Make pool-goers fall in love with your pool aesthetics.

Here are ideas for you to try:

1- Underwater Led Lights

Did you know that this year celebrates the color themes of periwinkle? A neon lightbulb showcasing this color shade would make the pol interior light up and fun at night. If you have concrete pool floors, then check if there are cracks. The surface must be free from cracks before adding accents inside the water basin’s interior coping.

But before that, check if you have a seamless pool plaster and flooring.

2- Pool Resurface

Now, continue to learn more about the importance of getting seamless pool floors and pool decks. According to the experts at Concrete Pool Deck Enterprise, Nevada resurfacing is a practical and cost-efficient way to restore a swimming pool’s overall look by just applying the proper repair methods to its plastering and decks.

A pool deck resurfacing is perfect if you already have an existing concrete pool. You can also apply to resurface if you want to change the pool material. For instance, you got tiles or concrete pools in the past, and now you want to change it with fiberglass pools.

Good thing contractors and pool builders figure out a way to minimize hauling costs and other fees. All that is possible with resurfacing.

3- Customize Pool Decks

After you have done replastering or resurfacing the pool floors, the decks are next.

If your goal is to increase the enjoyment and relaxing factor in your swimming area, you must pay attention to the decks.

This step alone would already provide you with bits and pieces of creative ways to add form and enhance the function of the swimming fasciitis. With an excellently designed pool deck, you can add features like extensions for style, a play area for the kids, or accent walls that features travertine stones to recreate the natural look of paradise.

The following two ideas would let you know how to add more appeal to the pool decks.

4- Fire Pits

Fire pits give the pool a nice ambiance, especially if you want to have a relaxing vibe. Firepits function as aesthetic appeal and a functional structure where everyone can gather around and warm up around the embers. Or, have your smores grilled while you camp around the fire before or after you swim.

Concret fire pits would also be an excellent addition to your pool patios, and this can be a transition piece that connects the backyard pools to your front yard patios.

5- Waterfalls

Water accents such as DIY fountains, water vortex, or mini waterfalls also add a refreshing and calming vibe to the swimming area.

Combining innovation and traditional design is by adding vertical walls around the backyard pools. Add to the vertical concrete wall is a fountain or waterfall system.

Waterparks and other watersport and spa resorts use waterfall accents around the pool to create therapeutic features around the swimming area. Many studies have already established the relaxing and healing effects of flowing water.

Why not add this to your pool spa. His will also be an excellent feature for your commercial pools or Airbnb pool properties to attract customers.


These are just five ways to flare up the fun in your swimming areas. There are more, and if you want to find customized ideas, it is better to consult professional pool designers. The critical takeaway is always keeping a seamless deck free of damaged pool floors.

Regular cleaning and maintenance would also help amplify any redesigning you apply to the swimming pools.


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