Different Industries That Use Printed Cotton Tote Bags

Printed Cotton Tote Bags

More of us are looking for ways to become more sustainable and reduce the impact we’re having on the planet – businesses are also beginning to follow suit. Making changes to packaging is one of the most important factors in becoming more eco-friendly. Printed cotton bags are being used more regularly in various industries as a way of reducing their use of plastic, whilst promoting their brand at the same time. These bags can be reused which means that single-use plastic in carrier bags can be eliminated. Below, we’ll look at some of the sectors that use these printed tote bags. 


Supermarkets are one of the main industries that have utilised cotton tote bags over the last few years due to the introduction of the carrier bag tax. This tax is used as a way of deterring people from using plastic bags to carry their shopping – so supermarkets started to offer reusable cotton tote bags that can be used for almost anything, to save the planet and save us money. 

Cotton bags are 100% natural and reusable, so they are a more sustainable alternative to buying a plastic bag every time you do your weekly shopping! They are washable and can be used over and over again – and even when they do come to the end of their life, you can recycle the bag too. 


Cotton tote bags can be used as a marketing or fundraising tool. Another industry that uses tote bags is charities. Charities will often use tote bags as a way of promoting their work and as a way of getting their name out there, to create awareness and drum up help from as many people as possible. They can sometimes be given as a free gift or can be bought, with all profits going to the charity. People that donate to various organisations can use their tote bag as a way of showing others the views that they support, as well as helping the charity to spread the word in the hope that they may attract more donations. 


In the same way that charities use tote bags as fundraising and awareness tools, businesses often use tote bags as marketing tools. Because tote bags can be designed to suit all brands, businesses can take advantage of this and can use this as a way of spreading the word about what they have to offer. They can be used at trade fairs or events as a free gift to customers, or they can be used by employees so that people can identify them at an event or out of the office. They can be designed in line with business colours and logos to make them personal to each company that chooses to use them – you can put your own stamp on them! 

Sports teams & Events 

Many sports teams create tote bags for their supporters. When you support a team, whether you wear a football shirt or scarf, they both do the same job as a cotton tote – they show your love for the team, help to show support and make you identifiable. 

And it’s not just sports teams that use tote bags to their advantage, events tend to do this too. If a big event is happening, from a sports game to a music festival, you’ll likely find tote bags with the event name and colours on them. You can use them to show that you attended the event and as a way of proudly displaying your support and interests. 

Fashion brands 

Many fashion retailers have switched to using recyclable and reusable packaging. Retailers can use branded tote bags as a way of reducing their use of plastic packaging. It also means their customers can use a branded tote bag to represent the shop and brand. Using a printed bag rather than a carrier bag or plastic packaging gives the product a more exciting and personal feel – not only is the customer purchasing a product of their choice, but they’re also getting a free reusable tote bag along with it. 


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