Sanjana Ganesan Can’t Stop “Drooling” Over This Popular South Indian Dish



Sanjana Ganesan is currently in London and can you guess what she decided to feast on while there? If you’re thinking of fish and chips or scones, sadly, you’re mistaken. The sports presenter and cricketer Jasprit Bumrah’s wife decided to gorge on some Indian food while in London. And not just any Indian food, Sanjana indulged herself with some traditional South Indian food that included soft and fluffy hoppers known as appams. For the uninitiated, hoppers or appams are made using rice that has been soaked overnight and ground into a batter that is then left to ferment using yeast. Appams are popular in South India particularly in the state of Kerala. 

Sanjana enjoyed the yummy appams with a delectable curry. She posted the picture along with a caption, wherein she wrote, “Drooling.” 

Take a look at the delicious feast:


Sanjana enjoyed a drool-worthy SoutnIndian meal while in London 

Earlier, Sanjana left us slurping over a mouth-watering sweet treat that she devoured. Can you guess what it was? It was a blueberry cream-filled doughnut with a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar on top. In the caption, Sanjana wrote, “I have had three of these. Three. Somebody, please stop me, thanks.” 

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Has Sanjana Ganesan’s yummy South Indian spread left you craving for some too? Well, here are some popular recipes for you to try: 

1) Appams

You can call it a desi pancake. It is prepared using rice and coconut. Wanna know the best part? All you need is 20 minutes to make it.


Appam is a thin crispy crepe-like dish, just like the one enjoyed by Sanjana Ganesan in her picture 

2) Chicken Stew

This easy-to-cook recipe makes for a good side dish with Appam. It is prepared in coconut-rich curry. Don’t forget to throw some green chillies, ginger and garlic for flavour.

3) Kerala Vegetable Stew

This one gives you the liberty to add/sub vegetables as per your choice. The basic ingredients that you can include are french beans, carrot, potato and raw papaya. Add spices as per your taste buds and serve it hot.


Kerala vegetable stew is a flavoursome and simple dish that you must try

4) Idiyappam

Idiyappam or string hoppers are a popular breakfast dish prepared using rice flour or ragi flour. You can give it a savoury touch and have it with curries and stews. And if you are a sweet person, then use coconut and jaggery for the filling and relish it.  

5) Puttu

This one is prepared using rice flour and grated coconut. If you want to impress your folks then serve it with Kadala Kari. 


Puttu is an interesting cylindrical breakfast dish made in south Indian households

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Now, you too can enjoy yummy South Indian food like Sanjana Ganesan. Happy Cooking.


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