Short Research Guide for Shaka Wear and Bella&Canvas


Whether you are looking for a few simple but high-quality t-shirts and hoodies or your company needs to provide comfortable and exclusive logo printed tops for your employees, these two brands, Shaka Wear and Bella&Canvas, can help provide top-notch quality clothing items. Even if one company has more time on the market than the other, they both create sustainable clothing with fashionably cut high-quality fabrics. These companies’ main focus is to manufacture and put on to the market long-lasting, print-ready, irreproachably made products, in different sizes and colors, at a very reasonable price.

Sustainable Clothing

When it comes to fashion and clothing products, sustainability is a term introduced not so long ago that has turned a few heads by becoming a hot topic. In the process of becoming more self-conscious and more environmentally aware, people started to be more careful when choosing their products. When it comes to groceries, everyone is going for bio food that comes from ecological agriculture, for self-care, the main interest is using products made with more than 90% natural ingredients, for washing fabrics, more and more are considering chemical free detergents, even more, every packaging material of every item including plastic bags has to be recyclable. While one of the main goals is to create a better and cleaner environment, the ones showing concern for this subject have started to look more into how the clothing industry contributes to this goal. To fulfilling people’s needs and for this contribution to happen some companies started lines of sustainable clothing.

Sustainable clothing generally refers to the eco-friendly provenience of the fabrics used for making the products and the process in which they are made. For example, a sustainable fabric such as polyester made out of recycled plastic bottles can be created in a factory that produces renewable energy by using solar panels or even windmills.

Fabrics and Cuts

The most normal thing to do when you go shopping for clothes is that whenever you have to choose a piece of clothing you should first check the quality of the fabric along with the way it has been cut and sewn. Logically speaking, this aspect should be taken into consideration prior to the brand of the product. In most cases, a brand should mainly represent the quality of its products and not be considered a label of how expensive that product is. High-quality clothing items do not necessarily have to be crazy expensive.
While Bella&Canvas company uses ring-spun cotton, polyester blend, and tri-blends to create their tops, Shaka Wear uses 100% USA cotton. All of these materials are sustainable and they are made to offer a great level of comfort and satisfaction when worn.

Shaka Wear and Bella&Canvas Design

These two clothing companies are focused on designing simple but high-quality base products. Base clothing items usually come dyed in one color, without any prints on, unbranded on the fabrics just on the label. Their interest is to produce clothes destined to sell in larger quantities than usual so for that to happen they chose to use a minimalist basic design in order to be sold again by resellers using their logo printed on it.

Shaka Wear and Bella&Canvas main customer target may be resellers or other companies that need base functional clothing to recreate their own but these are not the only ones. Whether you have a company and you need to provide your employees a uniform with your logo printed on it or you are in a group that needs to wear the same t-shirts or hoodies or even if you just want to stock up your closet with a variety of clothes, these two companies provide plenty of options.

Available Products and Prices

Both of these two companies manufacture clothes for men, women, and children but also unisex items. The items are mostly tops and they include:

• Long sleeve t-shirts
• Three quarter sleeve t-shirts
• Short sleeve t-shirts
• Long body t-shirts
• V-neck Jersey unisex t-shirts
• Tank tops unisex
• Tank tops for men and women
• Crop tops for women
• Flowy racerback tanks
• Flowy off-shoulder t-shirts
• Slouchy tank tops for women
• Sweatshirts and hoodies
• Thermal shirts

Summing Up Research

While most of their products are tops, they also offer a couple of models for pants. Bella&Canvas has unisex jogger sweat pants and unisex long scrunch fleece pants available in all colors and sizes but also some black fitness pants for ladies only. Shaka Wear offers mostly a variety of neutral colors such as beige, brown, black but mostly white, whereas the other company uses more colorful tones, blues, yellows, and pinks.

Their main customer target being resellers, these companies’ prices are extremely affordable. Depending on the type of product prices range between 4 dollars and 25 dollars.

If you are not yet convinced why you should buy from these two companies, here are some reasons why.
First of all, while in the past being environmentally friendly towards clothing meant buying more products from the thrift stores and donating your used clothes to second-hand stores to be resold, nowadays with an outstanding trend of being green, the sustainable fashion industry focuses on reducing the environmental negative effect of chemicals in producing traditional fiber crops. So, if you want to be more environmentally friendly, you should buy from these companies in order to support their interest in this problem and also contribute to creating a better world.

Secondly, if you require a large number of tops in order to print your company’s logo on them or you simply want to start a business with your design printed on but you also care for fabric quality and making a profit, then this certainly is the best choice you can make. At the lowest price on the market using the best fabrics, Shaka Wear and Bella&Canvas can help you build a name for yourself.


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