Soulmia Reviews :What is the Soulmia Return Policy?

soulmia reviews

Soulmia‘s range of fashionable clothing is making waves on the market of cheap and quick fashion. With a selection of clothing for females and males and a wide range of styles, the brand is loved by customers across the world.

The brand has caught the attention of consumers with its clever and cute graphic t-shirts and highly sought-after bathing suits ,which we’re sure is in part due to the company’s 172,000 followers in Instagram.

Introduction to Soulmia

Who wouldn’t want to appear like they’ve just stepped off an exclusive plane? In an age of influencers ruling everywhere, women and men across the globe want to appear like the beautiful women they admire and follow.

However, Soulmiaisn’t only about appearance it’s also about blending the comfort of a comfortable outfit and its selection of soft cotton tees as well as cute summer dresses reflect the same.

Shipping to more than 40 nationsSoulmia‘s headquarters are in England However, its factories are located in China.

The brand is quite secretive about some information, such as the name of its CEO, founder and the length of time it’s been around. Based on what we’ve seen the company is quite new.


After you have learned something about the company and its products, you can read this Soulmia review will then move to the advantages and disadvantages.


  • A wide selection of men’s and women’s clothing with more than 10k choices
  • New styles added each day
  • Sizing inclusive of up to 5X women and 2X in men.
  • Shoppers have written of high-quality and provide excellent customer service and timely shipping
  • There are a lot of discounts, sales and Soulmia promo codes on orders that exceed $39
  • Shipping worldwide


  • There are some customers who have difficulty contact with customer service, lengthy shipping times, as well as low quality products
  • A short return policy might expire before you receive your order

The brand may be renowned for its fun range of graphic shirts, however it also has stylish and casual styles for women and men. In the following section in this Soulmia Review, we’ll take you through the various styles thatthat Soulmia offers.

Soulmia Review

Graphic shirts can bring additional joy to life and Soulmia’s collection is heartbreakingly cute and hilariously humorous. Below, you’ll find a selection of Soulmia’s top-selling cotton-blend T-shirts featuring cute, quirky and quirky designs.

Super cute is an understatement. This Boo Bees graphic Tee has two adorable little ghost bees swarming in the center of the cap sleeves shirt.

A more contemporary look it can be tied at the front to make a stylish and easy summer throw-on when you’re in need of a quick boost.

Let your personality shine through by wearing your own Boo Bees Graphic Tee for $8..

Soulmia Fun Bear Slogan Graphic Tee Review of Coffee Bear Slogan Graphic Tee Review

Are you still wearing that camp t-shirt from the days? The stiff collar and the soft fabric? What’s the funny coffee Bear Slogan Graphic Tee is akin to the shirt, only more fun.

With a gruff, know-it-all bear, who is enjoying what’s likely to be one of his only pleasures in life: coffee. This shirt will cause you and the people who walk by LOL.

” that’s what I do drinking coffee dislike people, and I am aware of things”are boldly written around the bear and make an bold messageto everyone around the globe.

Soulmia Reviews What do customers think?

Below, we’ve put together review information on 3 different sitesthat give some insight into Soulmia clothing and the kind of service customers have reported when they purchased from the site.

When we looked at the brand’s website and we noticed that the items are highly evaluated However, each product only has a handful of reviews or less. This is a summary:

  • Sleeveless Floral Split Hem Sexy Bodycon Dress An average of five stars from 20 reviews.
  • Noot Noot Penguins Graphic T-shirt An average 5/5 stars from 60 reviews. five stars from 60 reviews.
  • Men’s Retro Soulmia Vintage Flamingo Hawaiian T-Shirt An average of 5/5 star ratings according to 7 user reviews.
  • Soulmia Pew Pew Pew Cat Graphic Tee An the average rating 4/5 stars from 91 reviews. 5/5 star ratings from 91 customer reviews.
  • The Embroidery Kangaroo Small Soulmia Rabbit Hoodie Averaging 5/5 stars from 14 reviews. 5/5 star ratings out of 14 ratings.

What size do Soulmia contain?

In general, Soulmiacarries the sizes ranging from 5X to XS for women’s clothing as well as sizes from S-2XL for males. For more information about the size range of the brand, refer to the chart of sizes on the site of the brand.

How does Soulmia’s shipping Policy?

This Soulmia review revealed that your purchase will arrive within 1 to 5 working daysfrom the moment you make it on the internet. When your order is shipped it will be confirmed via email with a tracking code which will allow you to track the status of your package.

Soulmia delivers throughout the world, and the delivery costs vary. We’ve provided USA alternatives below.

  • Standard 10-15 business days $6
  • Express 3-7 days for business $15

What is the Soulmia Return Policy?

If you encounter a problem regarding the quality of your Soulmiaorder If you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return it to us in the first fourteen days from the date you received your purchase. As you’d expect, the order that you received within 14 days (and there’s a high chance it will) this could result in problems.

In the event that you have received your purchase before the 14-day period expires, you are able to return it if it meets the following criteria:

  • It should be in good condition and not damaged.
  • that must be returned in the original packaging
  • It is not a promotional or final sale item.

To initiate an exchange or return, take these steps

Email or use the Contact Page

Indicate if you’d prefer a refund or exchange

Soulmia will be able to authorize your return and then send instructions and an address

Make sure to pack your items

Drop off your mail at the local post office

The refund will process within the period of 3 to 7 business days from the time it was received. However, If you don’t hear back within 2 weeks from them, Soulmia urges you to keep in touch.


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