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Myapps Tesla :

Tesla has been considering opening its platform to third-party applications for some time, but has not yet taken the plunge. Elon Musk, CEO, stated that they still interested in the idea and that it will probably happen as the fleet gets larger.

They are currently working with developers to port games.

The automaker has been talking about the possibility of releasing a software-development kit (SDK), which would allow third-party apps to be created on the Model S’s large center touchscreens.

Although the automaker has released an API to enable some basic third-party apps, it has not yet released an SDK.

Musk later stated that they would instead move to app mirroring, where the phone acts as the central console and the phone acts as its own device. This is similar in principle to Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay, where the car’s display displays infotainment information. Many Tesla owners have requested CarPlay, but Tesla’s infotainment system has so much to offer that CarPlay’s full screen takeover would be a problem.

Restated Financial Reports

Telecure’s third quarter financial results, the first since completion of the plan to arrangement under which Telecure acquired the outstanding and issued securities of MyApps prepared. Telecure’s management discovered three instances in which MyApps had incorrectly classified Telecure as a private company.

  • The head office lease for MyApps considered a lease under IFRS 16, leases. Therefore, the Company applied lease accounting. In order to recognize a right of use asset and a liability on the balance sheet, the MyApps Amended financial statements amended. The Company also recognized straight-line depreciation of the right-of use asset and interest expense for the lease liability.
  • For the six months ended June 30, 2021 $304,000, three months ended March 31, 2021 – $150,000) in loans to Telecure Technologies Inc. were previously recognised as revenues.

  • As related party compensation, the Company paid $148,716 in six-month payments to certain officers for the period ended June 30, 2021 (three months ended March 31, 2021 — $74,358).

Telecure’s Q3 financial report included the correct accounting for each one of these.

Although the app ecosystem and the mirroring feature have not been implemented yet in years, Musk remains open to the idea. However, Musk will be more comfortable with the idea as the fleet grows and the benefits for developers.

During an appearance on Ride the Lighting, the CEO stated:

To make it worthwhile to create an app, you need to have enough installs to justify the effort. It doesn’t matter if you port an app, it has to be worthwhile. It becomes more practical to create games and other applications for Tesla as we increase our vehicle fleet. There are just so many cars.

Tesla already has over 500,000 vehicles in its fleet and plans to add nearly half a million vehicles annually by the end.

The Board of Directors
Faizaan Lalani
Chair of the Audit Committee

Telecure Technologies Inc.

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Forward-Looking statements

This news release contains forward-looking information within the meaning applicable securities laws. It includes statements about the Company’s products, future, business, plans for marketing, and other statements that may relate to the Company’s business and products. The Company believes the forward-looking information is reasonable. However, it cannot guarantee that these expectations will be realized.


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