The Picture Of Biggest Pizza Elicits Hilarious Responses On Reddit



Let’s admit it, there are very few things that can bring us as much joy as an extra slice of pizza. Now imagine a person’s delight who finds a pizza taller than him? That’s right! This picture of the ‘Biggest pizza’ in the US is going viral and we bet you cannot take your eyes off it either. The gigantic pizza is packed in a wooden cardboard box and right next to it lays a man who is at least 2 feet shorter in height in comparison to the pizza, if not more. The picture was posted on Reddit, the viral post has garnered more than 49K upvotes and a string of funny comments. 

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“Anything to avoid metric system”, read one of the comments taking a dig on the man lying beside the pizza to measure its length. 
“Looks like he will fit in the box when they are done, then they can just throw them both in the trash”, a user wrote.

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 “And you get a whole human being as a side!” wrote another.
“How do we know you aren’t extremely tiny people living in an extremely tiny house?
Checkmate,” read an interesting comment. 

“Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough,” an ambitious user wrote on the thread
“Enough to feed one American.
Or two for a light lunch,” read another comment. 

“Hey! This is from Moontower down the street from me! Their Pizza is pretty damn good and this picture does not do it very much justice. I’ve seen people order and pick these up, they hardly fit in the back of a truck,” said a user who identified the pizza. Dare to try?

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