Twitter Users Reveal Foods That Take Them Back To Childhood. Relatable Much?



Childhood is a period which almost everyone fondly remembers. The carefree days make us reminisce some blissful memories of family, school and some great food. There are so many foods that we ate when we were little, and we still relish with equal gusto. Many celebrities also share the candies and things they ate as children, from Ayushmann Khurrana to Shilpa Shetty and even Mira Kapoor. Twitter user Matthew J Dowd recently asked his followers what things returned them to the joys of childhood, and the enthusiastic responses will win you over. Take a look at the original tweet:

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“What things immediately return you to the joys of childhood? For me: a first snow fall, a cider mill with fresh doughnuts, the smell of crayons, Halloween and fall leaves, oat meal with cinnamon, spontaneous laughter,” wrote Dowd on Twitter.

There were a number of replies of people to the tweet, which received over 1.1k likes and hundreds of retweets and comments. Users recalled how their childhood involved some delicious foods which were their favourites, and eagerly awaited every time they were made. “Eating watermelon at a picnic table in the back yard,” said one user while another wrote, “ice cream cones with chocolate shots.” A few Tweeple could also recall the smells and sounds of their favourite treats being made at home. Take a look:

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Which are the foods that remind you of your childhood? Tell us in the comments below.


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