Viori Shampoo Review & CONDITIONER Review

viori shampoo review

It’s been an ongoing use of Viori Beauty’s Rice Shampoo and conditioner bars with the fragrance Hidden Waterfall for about a year. I’m sure I’ve got many things to take out! My initial impressions were fantastic and you’ll be shocked by my honest assessment. Today we will be discussing my scalp and hair update Six months later. Changes that I’ve implemented to my daily hair care routine. What’s changed since I’ve introduced Viori that is not known my customers, you the client and also about my second bar. And also my future plans! Let’s get this thing out of the way! Pun intended.


Now that I’m on my second bar at Viori I have a few things to say. The majority of them can be discussed in my YouTube channel here:

To summarize, Viori had a production modification to their products, but they did not informing their customers of the change.

When I inquired regarding one change, specifically the smell was one of them. This was the message I got:

“Thanks to you for being patient! It seems like there was a change in the scent. Our team is pushing for more natural and cleaner and sustainable ingredients, the scent underwent an alteration of a small amount.


The first bar arrived at the end of August 2021. as I’ve said I’m still carrying these bars. They’re not as large, but they’ve served me for an extended time! I got great results from these.

It made my hair easier to manage after swimming.

Get rid of any oil, build-up as well as chlorine

Smells divine

It was on my list for 5 months, which is insane because I was only using these bars at the gym and home!

Lather up well! !

viori shampoo review


  • When I bought my second bar there was an issue. The entire package was Hidden Waterfall design and packaging however, it smelled strongly of a floral smell. The packaging was perfumed, and the scent smudges off onto the item itself.
  • Hidden Waterfall has more of vanilla-like scent I was thinking it had a vanilla scent.

company, branding AND MARKETING PROBLEMS

  • If employees don’t know what’s happening within their organization this means teams aren’t communicating with one another.
  • The SPREAD for SALES
  • I noticed Viori pushing for greater and greater sales than I’ve ever witnessed before. This is understandable, as businesses need sales in order to function. However, focusing solely on sales obstructs high-quality product as well as the main goal of the business and cuts corners in order in order to earn more money.


  • They were working together with many greater caucasian influencers rather than Asian influencers which I thought was odd considering that the recipe is out of an ancestral Asian tribe.
  • I fully understand that many cultures enjoy watching others share their traditions and secrets to beauty, but there’s a vast distinction between appreciation and whatever this means. It’s not that I’m saying it’s cultural appropriation since the term is used often. A lot of times, but not really the case all the times.


  • A different thing, their recent giveaways were centered on making sales every day. I’m curious how many of them received anything or not, but I doubt that it was even in the package. Be the first to prove me wrong by leaving a comment below if your received something from their giveaways for 12 days at Christmas.

All In All

  • I think that this business has to get together and understand what they’re trying communicate clear.
  • I was really interested in getting my opinion piece on their strategies and marketing out on the internet. It’s straightforward, and being someone who has experiences in social media strategy, strategy marketing, strategy and more. I’m happy to add my two cents on the table particularly since I’ve purchased from the company twice. I’m not announcing about them, without actually having purchased from them.

I’m far from the affluent white woman that they’re trying to attract all at once. I’ve

Before I conclude this article we should add some suggestions about how to take care of your shampoo and conditioner bars.


To ensure that your bars last longer, ensure that they are kept in a dry location after you use them. If they are left wet or in a damp location, they are not going to last for as long. This is why I love to take my shampoo bars to my bedroom to open the plastic containers that I keep them in, and then set them on my shelves. This not only makes my space fresher and more pleasant, but also helps keep my bars in good condition for a long time!

Wrapping it up

If there’s something particularly, that you are interested in knowing about with regard to these bars, please let me know. I’ll attempt to address it as efficiently as I can.

If you’re thinking about going through Viori take it up. It’s always a good idea to test things out. But it’s not enough to buy the shampoo bar thinking all will be good and pleasant. The shampoo bar comes with dry side to it regardless of how long you’ve used it for. The shampoo and conditioner bars were created to allow customers to purchase both the conditioner bar and shampoo simultaneously. Both perform well even when you don’t have anything to compare it with like I did.


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