Viral: Sandwich Wrapper From 1992 Found Intact In Scotlands National Park



Fast food has truly transformed the way we consume food. The moment hunger pangs strike, we head to our nearby outlet and order our favourite dishes which are prepared in a matter of minutes. Then, we chuck away the wrapper and other garbage without thinking twice. But if we stop and think about the environmental impact of our food choices, the effect can be truly devastating. A recent viral post on Facebook proves how our daily food decisions can prove costly for the environment. Take a look:

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The post was shared on Facebook by Mar Lodge Estate, which is part of the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland, United Kingdom. It went viral receiving over 1.4k reactions and 5.3k shares. In the photograph, we could see a label on a plastic sandwich wrapper which was apparently found under a rock in the estate. It read ‘Ham & Tomato Sandwich’ and was made with melted bread, slices of ham, tomato and margarine. The ‘use by’ date on the wrapper was 23rd March 1992 thus showing that it had not decomposed even in 28 years.

“Twenty-nine years later it is still sitting there intact!! Plastic doesn’t biodegrade it stays in the landscape for a very long time. Mar Lodge Estate is a very special and beautiful place. Please follow the Scottish Outdoor Access code when visiting Mar Lodge, act responsibly and take all litter home,” read the post.

Several hundred comments poured into the viral post. “Wow, that plastic bag is older than me, said one user while another wrote, “If people are not intelligent enough to either realise or be instructed to take their litter home then they shouldn’t be allowed out!” “To be fair the paper bit on it hasn’t degraded much either though. All paper and ink intact,” observed one user.

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