What IS Paybyplatema And EZpass?


Paybyplatematechnology has made our lives every day better. At one time, we’d visit toll stations in order to pay tolls. This resulted in increased consumption of fuel and huge traffic jams and even accidents.

Since the launch of EZDrive the experience has been made more enjoyable and better.

EZDrive MA is Massachusett’s all-electronic tolling program. With this online service , you can pay for tolls using either the PayByPlateor an E-ZPass.

What is PaybyPlate MA?

PaybyPlate MA is a system to pay for tolls that charges tolls by identifying a car’s license plate. Paybyplate MA toll invoices are delivered to the registered owner for the car. The bill can be paid online payment , cash or in cash on the spot at any EZDrive MA customer service center


What is E-Zpass MA?

The Transponders of EZpass MA are completely free and offer reduced tolls in Massachusetts. The cost of paying using E-ZPass MA includes the usage of Transponders that are attached to the windshield, behind the mirror in rear view. The particular device is able to read the Transponder in the toll zones so an E-Zpass MA account will be charged accordingly.

Pay by Plate MA Features

  • You are able to access this payment option via toll
  • Particularly designed for people living in Massachusetts
  • Photos or videos of license plates and vehicles are used to send fees to certified By Plate MA account or to post transactions to a valid Certified By Plate MA account

How to Register on www.paybyplatema.com?

To sign-up to sign up on www.paybyplatema.com electronic toll-based payment system Follow the steps in the video tutorial below.

  • Go to the www.paybyplatema.com site.
  • Click the register button located in the upper right hand corner.
  • You’ll be directed to a brand new page that includes a personal information section, where you can fill in the address, name the account number/pin, emailaddress, phone number and address sections.
  • Enter your personal details and then click the next link to the right of the bottom.
  • A second page will be displayed and you will need to input your vehicle’s details like Model Name License Number and Year, Make and Color.
  • After you have filled in your information about your vehicle, you can hit submit.
  • Then, you can click the kind of account you’d like to use, including username, email, or the account number.
  • Now visit the FirstTimeLogin website and fill in your account number, PIN, username or email, password, and confirm the password – https://www.ezdrivema.com/PBPFirstTimeLogin
  • Click the Process button to the right of the screen and this will complete the registration process.

How to Access the www.paybyplatema.com Account if You Lost Your Password?

This procedure should be followed in order to gain access your account in the event that you have forgotten your password.

  • Open PaybyPlateMa.Login website – https://www.ezdrivema.com/paybyplatemareglogin
  • Click on the forgot password or username option at the right.
  • That will direct you to a new page that will display your account number as well as email addresses.
  • Fill in the required information into both areas and press submit.
  • A new webpage is created on which you can input your new username and password.
  • Click submit.

How to Login Into www.paybyplatema.com?

This guide will provide full details on how to sign in to www.PaybyPlatema.com for users who are not registered.

  • Visit the EZDriveMA Web portal operated by the MassDOT(Massachusetts Department of Transportation) – https://www.mass.gov/ezdrivema
  • After you have logged into the portal on the internet and then you will see your PaybyPlate login menu to the right.
  • Click here to access the PaybyPlate Login Menu, which will take you to a new page.
  • The page is composed of three sections that are empty, Invoice Number that was emailed to you The State, the Vehicle Number.
  • Input these fields with the information required and click the Login button.
  • The link will redirect you to a different page where the tax information is displayed.
  • This page also provides different payment options available you can pay the toll.
  • Once the transaction has been complete, you’ll have receive an email with confirmation of all the details of the transaction.


It was an instance of how www.paybyplatema.com is an official site thatcan be used in conjunction with EZDrive by people who reside in Massachusetts state, as and by people from outside Massachusetts who are traveling from Massachusetts. If you’d like to share any details we didn’t cover that you believe we left out Please use the comments. Leave a comment if you liked our blog post regarding Pay By Plate MA.


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