What Is San Marcos Blankets ?

San Marcos Blankets

Mexican Blankets | San Marcos Blankets Authentic San Marcos Blankets Offer A Unique Sense Of Style . They’re certainly not the blankets we and you are familiar with.  In fact, only a few would have heard of the word. However, they aren’t difficult to come across. The age of e-commerce and online shopping makes it easier for the average consumer ( like me ) !), purchase the best deals on Mexican.

San Marcos blankets are objects of affection for Latinos

The San Marcos cobija blanket is easy to recognize. It made from thick, abrasive material that is superior to fleece both in warm and weight and printed with beautiful pink roses, tiger heads that snarl as well as other stunning graphic designs that are deliberately tacky. This the cobija is an important Mexican family heirloom Many Chicanos will fondly remember it draped over the sofa in their childhood homes. 

“It’s such a loud piece, but in a Latino house, it’s sort of neutral–part of the environment,” says designer Brenda Equihua, visiting her home studio located in central Los Angeles.

 A nostalgic feeling prompted Equihua to release a collection of stunning statement coats, under her  brand name that are made of the latest San Marcos blankets. They also function as a heartfelt celebration of her roots. “That is a blanket that represents family and love and comfort, and it has very strong ties to Latino identity,” she says..

Laura Genao saw them growing older, but she never thought of having one of them.

“Too tacky,” she thought.

A few years later her mother had slyly left a blanket on the couch and covered it with an enormous tiger that woven into shades of black, gray and white.

Genao was the first to experience this. Genao discovered what the majority of Latinos living in Los Angeles come to understand when they are children If you love it or hate it, there’s a good chance you’re likely to form a connection with Genao. San Marcos.

The soft, thick Mexican blankets that feature designs of every imaginable thing including that of San Francisco 49ers logo, Strawberry Shortcake, peacocks and geishas are keeping Latinos warm for over 40 years.

They so sought-after, they can serve as slipcovers for sofas, bedspreads or car seat covers curtains, wall art carpets, and even Ponchos. They’re usually given as gifts at birthdays, Christmases or baby showers. If a child of adulthood is ready to go the house the San Marcos usually goes along.

Genao received her tiger shortly after her graduation at law school. Her mother viewed it as an improvement over the large plaid Mexican blankets, and something more appropriate for professionals.

The attorney was resistant for a while before deciding to give the blanket a go.

“It was the warmest, most comforting thing in the world,” Genao, 42, told the media. “It reminded me of family and of my mom.”

San Marcos blankets were produced between 1976 and from 1976 to. Brothers Jesus and Francisco Rivera were sombrero manufacturers in Aguascalientes in the year 1976, in the year Jesus was introduce to an item in Spain which encouraged him to design a blanket with a picture that was warm, thick sturdy, and affordable.

 He tried a variety of designs until he came up with the perfect combination of materials, and then began creating the blankets that were later referred to in the form of “San Marcos,” the company that he chose to name after the city he grew up in.

 The blankets were a massive popularity, so much so that when he announced his designs during the annual hotel conventions, the crowds were in anticipation of the latest designs. San Marcos blankets designed by artists from Spain attractive for their own sake they made in a variety of colorful colors, depicting animals mostly, but certain designs featured geometric shapes, flowers and so on.


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