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VEGAS Pro 18 Edit – Steam Edition lets you quickly create high quality gaming videos with great efficiency. With the new screen capture tool, multicam audio synchronization and speedy editing, you can quickly record and edit your Let’s Plays. VEGAS Pro automates your GPU configuration to ensure maximum performance. This allows you to enjoy seamless decoding/encoding. Driver detection has been enhanced to ensure that your GPU drivers are always up-to-date. This ensures maximum performance for video production and other tasks. You can add dozens of transitions to your gaming videos and other special effects to make them stand out from the rest. What are you waiting for? Start today with your next video!


  • VEGAS Pro 18 Steam Edition Edit:
  • GPU acceleration for decoding/encoding Nvidia (r), Intel (r), and AMD (r).
  • Comprehensive screen capture tool
  • Multicam editing: Audio synchronization
  • AI-driven tools such as Style Transfer and Colorization
  • Advanced color grading options
  • HDR support in its entirety (ACES1.1 and HLG).
  • Slow motion tool
  • Planar motion tracking
  • To organize large projects better, you can use nested timelines
  • Professional audio plug-ins
  • Drag and Drop intuitive workflow
  • Audio and Video Production

Innovative editing tools. Creativity

Drag-and-drop technology allows you to edit games natively in resolutions up to 8K. You can customize the user interface to include all features you need. It’s easy to quickly access the most important features without needing to click around. With powerful audio editing tools, you can achieve the best sound quality in your gaming videos.


Online casino games require convenience. Online casino players can experience many unpleasant events. This could lead to a decrease in their standing. This can have an immediate impact on the reputation of online casino operators as well as their standing. You need to ensure that you select the best online casino software. A player playing on his mobile device can suddenly lose his internet connection. What should you do? What can the player do? Online casino owners and players will be very disappointed. Vegas7Games software will solve this problem. Why? The system allows for automatic saves. Owners will feel secure and trust their players. Online casino software allows players to create and customize their games. To suit your tastes, you can alter the theme, main menu, colors, and other aspects of the screen.

vegas 7 Gaming

Our software is world-class for managing internet sweepstakes cafés and cyber cafes. We invite you join our successful online casino and gaming partners!


Online casino players adore cash back feature in casino games. Vegas7Games online casino software will provide you with efficient services that will make your customers happy. Vegas7Games online casino software allows you to return quarters of your initial deposit to other customers over the long-term. Our software casino software software gives back quarters to players even if they lose. Customer satisfaction is key to online casino success. Online casino players want the best software.

Vegas 7 online casino software should be considered by investors. Our customers receive compatibility, ease of management and security services. People are afraid that their personal data could be misused online. This is why they avoid playing at online casinos. Many customers lose out to online casinos that could have been able to enjoy the thrill of online gambling. Vegas7Games software protects sensitive information of customers. The highly encrypted software can deter even the most sophisticated hackers. This allows customers to put their focus on what they love, and lets go of all worries.


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