Vols fans raise money for children’s hospital after Ole Miss game


The University of Tennessee was recently fined $250,000 after debris was thrown onto the field during the game against Ole Miss volnation. Vols fans have been raising thousands of dollars to support East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

18 arrested, 51 ejected at Tennessee-Ole Miss game

A GoFundMe was created by Brent Baltzer with the support of Vol For Life Jayson Swain. It enlisted VolNation’s assistance in raising funds for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

Swain stated, “If you go through these doors, [like me], you see children fighting things they’re supposed to be fighting.” They’re supposed be happy and content, but they aren’t. We also see parents who are struggling financially so if we can provide some financial comfort, that’s why our family is here.”

Baltzer stated that instead of focusing on the negative and fighting with national media representatives, it is better to do something positive and help others and change the narrative.

Fundraisers are urging people to get involved by asking for $102,455 in support of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. This money will allow the hospital to continue its open door policy for children in need in the Knoxville region. Minimum donation: $5 We will surpass this goal if 20% of those who were present at Neyland Stadium make a donation of $5.

Baltzer stated, “When the entire fan base is painted in a negative light due to the actions of a handful of people, it hurts people.”

Swain stated, “We’re turning an unfortunate thing that clearly we know wasn’t right.” Swain stated, “Throwing stuff onto the field, certainly is not something to take up for. That’s not VolNation’s spirit, and it’s not Tennessee’s spirit. This is VolNation’s spirit, and we want everyone to know it.”

Heupel was impressed by Neyland’s atmosphere in loss at Ole Miss

The total capacity of Neyland Stadium is $102,455. This goal represents its funding goal. The GoFundMe raised $46,976 as of Thursday afternoon.

Let’s go back to October 16, when the UT administration quickly condemned fan conduct. Donde Plowman, the UT chancellor, reached out to Glenn Boyce, the University of Mississippi Chancellor to offer his condolences.

In a tweet, Plowman stated that “Good sportsmanship must form part of who we as Volunteers are.” We will not tolerate behavior that puts students, coaches, visitors, and other fans at danger.

UT Sports, UTPD trying to identify fans who threw garbage on the field

Danny White, the UT athletic director, released a statement regarding the incident.

White stated, “While I’m incredibly proud for our team’s efforts on the field,” “I was disappointed by their unwavering performance in the final minutes of the game. This was due to the actions of several supporters whose actions were not representative of the Volunteer Spirit and the true character our university.”

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